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Emeriti Association

New Emeriti Participants

New Emeriti Dinner Celebration

Mission of the Emeriti Association—approved by Emeriti Board 2006

“The mission of the Emeriti Association is to celebrate the role of retired faculty for their many years of service to higher education, to their students, and to the University of Cincinnati; to provide a forum for the special concerns and interests of its members; and to extend their association with distinguished friends and colleagues, with the University, its programs, and its future.”


Elections for the Emeriti Board

Elections will be held at our annual meeting in April. Please consider nominating either yourself or someone you believe will help continue to move the Emeriti Association forward. Please send any nominations (with his/her approval) to The specific date, time, and location for our annual lunch and meeting will be sent at a later date.

The University of Cincinnati Emeriti Mentorship Award

The mission of the Emeriti Mentorship Award is to foster research, performance, and other scholarly and creative skills in UC’s undergraduates while helping Emeriti faculty stay active in their fields and engaged with the university.

The Program

Summary: The Emeriti Mentorship Award offers competitive funding for rising Juniors and Seniors to collaborate with Emeriti faculty in developing and implementing independent projects relevant to their shared interests. This innovative new program is sponsored by the Emeriti Association, with funding and encouragement from Provost Beverly Davenport. Emeriti from all disciplines are encouraged to apply. Two awards will be made for an academic year in the amount of $2000 to each qualified undergraduate, starting in the fall term, 2015-16 ($1000 per semester). Continuation of funding in the spring term will be contingent upon satisfactory progress during the fall term, as determined by the Emeritus mentor. A $1,000 stipend will also be awarded for the academic year to the EMERITUS mentor for each student scholarship winner. Final projects must be communicated to the Emeriti Awards Committee in a scholarly manner appropriate to the field(s) of the researchers.

Procedure/Eligibility: A paragraph stating the interest of the Emeritus Mentor for mentoring a student should be sent to Professor Emeritus Gene Lewis (, along with any questions. The paragraph should include a brief description of the project you have in mind, and whether you already know of a student who may be interested, or you will need help in finding a student. If so, your paragraph will be circulated through numerous resources available. Final proposals of not more than two pages should be submitted from both the mentor and mentee working together. Two letters of recommendation specific to the undergraduate must also be submitted.

Only students with at least a 3.0 GPA will be considered. Emeritus mentors will be limited to those living in the Greater Cincinnati area so they may meet with the student. 

Requirements: (1) Once awarded, the student is expected to register for an undergraduate research course offered by his/her department; (2) A progress report should be submitted to the Emeritus mentor at the end of Fall term, and also to the Office of Undergraduate Research, Scholarly Endeavors, & Creative Practice at the end of the Spring term; and (3) at the end of the Spring term, students will develop oral talks or posters to be presented at the annual undergraduate research conference.

Deadlines: Paragraphs indicating interest should be submitted as soon as feasible. Formal Proposals should be submitted by March 20, 2015 for the academic year 2015-16. Award recipients will be notified by April 15. 

Please Welcome Our New Emeriti Members:

Teresa Sabourin, Communication, McMicken College of Arts & Sciences

Eugene Somoza, Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience, College of Medicine

C. Fred Foote, Business & Economics, UC Blue Ash

Linda Parysek, Cancer Biology, College of Medicine

Douglas Smucker, Family & Community Medicine, College of Medicine

Gary Dean, Molecular Genetics, Biochemistry & Microbiology, College of Medicine

Sharon McFarland, Managerial Communication, Lindner College of Business

Howard Shertzer, Environmental Health, College of Medicine

Steve Howe, Psychology, McMicken College of Arts & Sciences

Roy McKay, Environmental Health, College of Medicine

Mary Piper, Libraries, UC Libraries

C. Stuart Baxter, Environmental Health, College of Medicine

Stewart Krug, Ophthamology, College of Medicine

Grace Auyang, Behavioral Science, UC Blue Ash

Randy Johnson, Physics, McMicken College of Arts & Sciences

Phyllis Borcherding, Design, Design, College of Architecture, Art & Planning

Andrea Kornbluh, History, Philosophy & Political Science, UC Blue Ash

Joe McClusky, History, Philosophy & Political Science, UC Blue Ash

Daniel Durbin, Civil & Architectural Engineering Technology, College of Engineering & Applied Science

Richard Harris, Pediatrics, College of Medicine

John Hughes, Journalism, McMicken College of Arts & Sciences

Frank Herrmann, School of Art, Design, Architecture, Art & Planning

Linda Levin, Environmental Health, College of Medicine

IvaDean Lair-Adolph, , College of Medicine

Trena Goodwin, Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience, College of Medicine

Richard Branson, Surgery, College of Medicine

Joel Hoffman, Composition, Musicology & Theory, College-Conservatory of Music

Herbert Bill, Civil & Architectural Engineering and Construction Management, College of Engineering & Applied Science

Saad Ghosn, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, College of Medicine

Laura Caldwell, Mechanical Engineering technology, College of Engineering & Applied Science

Robert Brackenbury, Cancer Biology, College of Medicine

Current Activities

The Board met 11 times in 2014, established five standing committees, and accomplished the following activities:

  • Successfully held the First Annual Recognition and Appreciation Dinner for new Emeriti in May, and arranged the Second such Dinner to be held May 14, 2015. Both the President and the Provost are planning to attend; the Provost and the UC Foundation provide the funding for this important event.
  • Successfully held the First Annual Bus Tour of the city for new Faculty in August, and arranged the Second such tour to be held either in late August, or early September, 2015. Jim Tarbell will again lead this well received tour as he did in 2014. (Thanks to David Lee Smith and Bruce Goetzman as co-chairs)
  • Successfully held the First Annual Party Bridge Benefit for Scholarships with the UC Woman’s Club, and arranged for the Second such event (see below, and with thanks to Peter Suranyi and Darlene Anderson as co-chairs)
  • Continued to work with Faculty Senate and the Provost office to establish a uniform policy university-wide for approving Emeritus status (thanks to our FS representative Bob Faaborg)
  • Accepted the first student in the Undergraduate Mentorship Awards program (thanks to Gene Lewis as Chair). The winning student is Sarah Carpenter, who is a senior majoring in Professional Writing
  •  Formalized a Transitions to Retirement Committee headed by Henry Fenichel. Sarah will work this coming semester with this committee, Susan Ratto in HR, Wayne Hall, and me to create a formal document on the process and procedures involved in faculty retirement. In the ideal, this will be available on the web to all faculty interested in retirement, and will both expedite and ease the transition to retirement.
  • Initiated the collection of data on Emeriti Activities to better understand the extent of involvement of Emeriti in university endeavors (thanks to Breda LeMaster and Barb Macke)
  • Began formal collaboration with the UC Faculty Club and UC Woman’s Club for providing the Luncheon Speaker Series
  • Conducted a series of four Speaker Series Luncheons on Financial Literacy for Faculty, in conjunction with the UC Foundation (thanks to Jeff Dundon at UCF). A committee is being developed to further pursue this important topic for active faculty as well as Emeriti.rning.


Provost Davenport Speaking to new Emeriti

Provost Davenport Speaking to New Emeriti at Dinner Celebration



New Emeriti Dinner Celebration

New Emeriti Dinner Celebration

Upcoming Events

  • Annual Emeriti Association Meeting May 21, 2015, 11:30-1:30, held in the Faculty Club Banquet Room, 8th floor, Lindner Varsity Village. A FREE buffet will be served supported by the Faculty Club, Provost Office, and UC Foundation. Reservations should be made at 556-4154, or This meeting is held in conjunction with the annual meeting of the FC as well, so for those Emeriti who are members of the Club, this is a chance to enjoy two events with one visit (both annual meetings will be short!). We will hold our elections for the Emeriti Board at that meeting, so also a chance to interact with current and new members. I am happy to say we have nine new individuals who have already agreed to be nominated and serve, and most of the current Board will be returning for another year as well.