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Emeriti Association

New Emeriti Participants

New Emeriti Dinner Celebration

Mission of the Emeriti Association—approved by Emeriti Board 2006

“The mission of the Emeriti Association is to celebrate the role of retired faculty for their many years of service to higher education, to their students, and to the University of Cincinnati; to provide a forum for the special concerns and interests of its members; and to extend their association with distinguished friends and colleagues, with the University, its programs, and its future.”


Congratulations to the newest members of the Emeriti Association Board:

Clarson, Stephen

Stephen Clarson (Biomedical, Chemical, and Env Eng, CEAS)

Langmeyer, Daniel

Daniel Langmeyer (Psychology, A & S)

Milligan, Terence

Terence Milligan (Ensembles & Conducting, CCM)

Wallace, Gloriajean

Gloriajean Wallace (Comm. Science & Disorders, CAHS)

The University of Cincinnati Emeriti Mentorship Award

The mission of the Emeriti Mentorship Award is to foster research, performance, and other scholarly and creative skills in UC’s undergraduates while helping Emeriti faculty stay active in their fields and engaged with the university.

The Program

Summary: The Emeriti Mentorship Award offers competitive funding for rising Juniors and Seniors to collaborate with Emeriti faculty in developing and implementing independent projects relevant to their shared interests. This innovative new program is sponsored by the Emeriti Association, with funding and encouragement from Provost Beverly Davenport. Emeriti from all disciplines are encouraged to apply. Two awards will be made for an academic year in the amount of $2000 to each qualified undergraduate, starting in the fall term, 2015-16 ($1000 per semester). Continuation of funding in the spring term will be contingent upon satisfactory progress during the fall term, as determined by the Emeritus mentor. A $1,000 stipend will also be awarded for the academic year to the EMERITUS mentor for each student scholarship winner. Final projects must be communicated to the Emeriti Awards Committee in a scholarly manner appropriate to the field(s) of the researchers.

Procedure/Eligibility: A paragraph stating the interest of the Emeritus Mentor for mentoring a student should be sent to Professor Emeritus Gene Lewis (, along with any questions. The paragraph should include a brief description of the project you have in mind, and whether you already know of a student who may be interested, or you will need help in finding a student. If so, your paragraph will be circulated through numerous resources available. Final proposals of not more than two pages should be submitted from both the mentor and mentee working together. Two letters of recommendation specific to the undergraduate must also be submitted.

Only students with at least a 3.0 GPA will be considered. Emeritus mentors will be limited to those living in the Greater Cincinnati area so they may meet with the student. 

Requirements: (1) Once awarded, the student is expected to register for an undergraduate research course offered by his/her department; (2) A progress report should be submitted to the Emeritus mentor at the end of Fall term, and also to the Office of Undergraduate Research, Scholarly Endeavors, & Creative Practice at the end of the Spring term; and (3) at the end of the Spring term, students will develop oral talks or posters to be presented at the annual undergraduate research conference.

Deadlines: Paragraphs indicating interest should be submitted as soon as feasible. Formal Proposals should be submitted by March 20, 2015 for the academic year 2015-16. Award recipients will be notified by April 15. 

Please welcome this year's New Emeriti Members:

David Adams, Professor Emeritus, Performance Studies, CCM

Chris Allen, Professor Emeritus, Marketing, LCB

John Babcock, Assistant Professor - Clinical Emeritus, Surgery, COM

Diana Becket, Professor Emerita, English & Communications, UCBA

Marianna Bettman, Professor - Practice Emerita, College of Law

Thomas Boat, Dean Emeritus, COM

Joseph Boyd, Professor Emeritus, Electronic Engineering & Computer Systems, CEAS

David Burns, Professor Emeritus, Accounting, LCB

Jeffrey Camm, Professor Emeritus, Operations, Bus Analytics & IS, LCB

Virginia Clark, Adjunct Associate Professor Emerita, Accounting, LCB

Stephen Clarson, Professor Emeritus, Biomedical, Chemical, and Environmental Engineering, CEAS

Constance Cooper, Professor Emerita, Accounting, LCB

Janak Dave, Professor Emeritus, Mechanical and Materials Engineering, CEAS

Sandra Degen, Professor Emerita, Pediatrics, COM

Jay Degen, Professor Emeritus, Pediatrics, COM

Kathleen Downey, Associate Professor - Clinical Emerita, Family & Community Medicine, COM

Linda Einfalt, Associate Professor Emerita, School of Art, DAAP

Howard Elson, Field Service Professor Emeritus, Radiation Oncology, COM

Diane Feibel, Professor Emerita, Behavioral Science, UCBA 

Judith Feinberg, Professor Emerita, Internal Medicine, COM

Dianne Felblinger, Professor Emerita, College of Nursing

Terrell Finney, Professor Emeritus, Drama, CCM

Patricia Frese, Professor Emerita, Dental Hygiene, UCBA

Kirti Ghia, Schneider Professor Emeritus, Aerospace Engineering, CEAS

Urmila Ghia, Professor Emertia, Mechanical and Materials Engineering, CEAS

Linda Graeter, Associate Professor - Educator Emerita, Analytical & Diagnostic Sciences, CAHS

Ilse Hawkins, Adjunct Associate Professor Emerita, Business Law, LCB

Paul Hillner, Senior Assistant Dean Emeritus, CCM

Nelson Horseman, Professor Emeritus, Molecular and Cellular Physiology, COM

Daniel Humpert, Associate Professor Emeritus, Mechanical and Materials Engineering, CEAS

John Hutton, Professor Emeritus, Pediatrics, COM

Marianne Ivey, Professor Emerita, College of Pharmacy

Jeffrey Keller, Research Professor Emeritus, Neurosurgery, COM

Kenneth Koehler, Professor Emeritus, Mathematics, Physics & Computer Science UCBA

Richard Komoroski, Research Professor Emeritus, Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience, COM

Patrick Kumpf, Associate Professor Emeritus, School of Information Technology, CECH

Diane Kvapil, Associate Professor Emerita, TAPAA, CCM

Chester Laine, Associate Professor Emeritus, School of Education, CECH

Darnice Langford, Professor Emerita, ProPEL

Gerald Larson, Professor Emertius, Architecture & Interior Design, DAAP

Roberta Lee, Associate Professor - Clinical Emerita, College of Nursing

Wan Lim, Associate Professor Emerita, Medical Education, COM

Robert Luke, Professor Emeritus, Internal Medicine, COM

Stephen Marine, Associate Dean Emeritus, Health Sciences Library, UC Libraries

John McEvoy, Professor Emeritus, Philosophy, A&S

David Nash, Professor Emeritus, Geology, A&S

Kristi Nelson, Professor Emerita, School of Art, DAAP

Darice Pacak, Professor Emerita, Dental Hygiene, UCBA

Mark Palkovic, Senior Librarian Emeritus, CCM Library, UC Libraries

Harry Prats, Professor Emeritus, Education, CECH

Eugene Pridonoff, Professor Emeritus, Keyboard Studies Division, CCM

Elisabeth Pridonoff, Professor - Educator Emertia, Keyboard Studies Division, CCM

Daisy Quarm, Associate Professor Emerita, Sociology, A&S

Jacquelene Riley, Senior Librarian Emerita, Classics Library, UC Libraries

Maria Romagnoli, Educator Associate Professor Emerita, English and Comparative Literature, A&S

Michael Roos, Professor Emeritus, English & Communications, UCBA

Deborah Rouse, Professor Emerita, Nursing, UCBA 

Joseph Scanio, Professor Emeritus, Physics, A&S

Joanne Schweitzer, Associate Professor - Clinical Emerita, College of Nursing

Barbara Tietsort, Professor Emerita, Business & Economics, UCBA

Menelaos Triantafillou, Associate Professor - Practice Emeritus, School of Planning, DAAP

Margie Voelker-Ferrier, Professor Emerita, School of Design, DAAP

Tina Weitkamp, Associate Professor - Clinical Emerita, College of Nursing

Current Activities

A letter from the Emeriti Association President:

Dear Colleagues: we have now had our annual meeting at which we approved the new Constitution, and elected a new Board (shown below). Our four new Board members are Stephen Clarson, Terence Milligan, Daniel Langmeyer, and Gloriajean Wallace, and our retiring members are John Alexander, Ron Huston, Dave Meyer, and McCrystle Wood, to which we owe considerable thanks. 

Here is an opportunity for teaching in the OLLI program's fall term from Cate O’hara, the OLLI Director:

"The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at the University of Cincinnati invites you to submit proposals to teach during OLLI’s fall term, September 19-November 10. Classes take place at UC Victory Parkway Campus in East Walnut Hills and Adath Israel in Amberley Village. Class formats include eight-week courses and one-time presentations. Proposals are accepted through June 3, 2016, at OLLI students are active, intellectually curious, and well-educated adults aged 50 and older who enjoy noncredit enrichment courses in every topic from art history to zoology—with the promise of no grades or tests. Each year, OLLI offers more than 400 learning opportunities to nearly 1,700 individuals. The volunteers who teach for OLLI (and attend OLLI programs) include many of your colleagues from UC. Whether your field is astrophysics or archaeology, history or harmonica, religion or rock music—OLLI welcomes your expertise. For more information about OLLI, look at the spring 2016 course catalog, or submit a proposal for a fall course or one-time presentation, visit or call OLLI Program Director Cate O’Hara at 513-556-9174.”

I hope those of you who are local will consider participating in OLLI if you do not already.

The UCIT division has been working with diligence to update the list of Emeriti at UC, and have indicated there is a current total of 1114 of us. Of these, 850 are local, and 323 have joined the ranks within just the past five years.

Additionally, you are aware we have been working on the potential development of a University Linked Retirement Community (ULRC) located close to the West campus. Santa first asked us to look into this last June, and we have just completed a second market analysis survey to determine feasibility. I hope many of you participated in that survey, which was directed to all Emeriti, Alums, and OLLI participants 75+ years of age. Results from the survey are expected in the next few weeks from the 584 who responded.

The new Emeriti Board wishes you a pleasant summer, and if events with either the Center or the ULRC warrant, we will be in touch again soon.

Carl A. Huether, President
Emeriti Association, Professor Emeritus of Biology, A & S


New Emeriti Dr. Ghia addressing Emeriti Class of 2016

New Emeriti Dr. Ghia addressing Emeriti Class of 2016



New Emeriti Dinner Celebration

New Emeriti Dinner Celebration

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