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Emeriti Association

New Emeriti Participants

New Emeriti Dinner Celebration

Mission of the Emeriti Association—approved by Emeriti Board 2006

“The mission of the Emeriti Association is to celebrate the role of retired faculty for their many years of service to higher education, to their students, and to the University of Cincinnati; to provide a forum for the special concerns and interests of its members; and to extend their association with distinguished friends and colleagues, with the University, its programs, and its future.”


*Special Announcement from Dean Xuemao Wang*

Dear UC Faculty Emeriti,

 While no one graduates from a library, no one graduates without it! With a bold, new strategic plan, the UC Libraries is committed to empower discovery, stimulate learning and inspire the creation of knowledge. Access to dynamic data, information and resources enables our students and faculty to achieve their personal and professional goals. 

 Please consider continuing your investment in our students by supporting the UC Libraries with a gift of $100 or more. You can make your gift through our secure website at or the UC Libraries giving webpage. Should you have any questions, please contact Christa Flueck at the UC Foundation. She may be reached at 513-556-0055 or via e-mail at Thank you!

Please Welcome Our New Emeriti Members:

Grace Auyang, Behavioral Science, UC Blue Ash

Phyllis Borcherding, Design, Design, Art, Architecture, & Planning

Gary Dean, Molecular Genetics, Biochemistry & Microbiology, College Of Medicine

Daniel Durbin, Civil & Architectural Engineering Technology, College of Engineering & Applied Science

C. Fred Foote, Business & Economics, UC Blue Ash

Richard Harris, Pediatrics, College Of Medicine

Randy Johnson, Physics, Arts & Sciences

Andrea Kornbluh, History, Philosophy & Political Science, UC Blue Ash

Joe McClusky, History, Philosophy & Political Science, UC Blue Ash

Sharon McFarland, Managerial Communication, Lindner College of Business

Roy McKay, Environmental Health, College Of Medicine

Linda Parysek, Cancer Biology, College Of Medicine

Teresa Sabourin, Communication, Arts & Sciences

Howard Shertzer, Environmental Health, College Of Medicine

Douglas Smucker, Family & Community Medicine, College Of Medicine

Eugene Somoza, Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience, College Of Medicine

Current Activities

Your Board is happy to say items previously mentioned are now coming to fruition:

  • A celebratory dinner for new Emeriti will be held, supported by the Provost office, in appreciation and recognition of their significant contributions to the university. This will be a significant first time event we hope will become an annual one each spring. Given there are 82 new Emeriti over the past 13 months, and spouses are invited, we have little doubt there will be 120 guests, which is the maximum capacity of the Banquet room at the Faculty Club. We also hope this will encourage many of these new Emeriti to remain active with the university.

  • We have finalized a committee to oversee awarding two undergraduate student mentorships to work with Emeriti who continue their active scholarship. These $2000 awards for each student are also being supported by the Provost office, and will be given during the upcoming academic year. So for all Emeriti who would be interested in working with a terrific undergraduate student on a project, please be thinking about potential research/project topics for which you would like to serve as his/her mentor. Details of the process and implementation will be provided in the next email, perhaps in July. Coordination of this will be integrated into other student awards overseen by Gigi Escoe as Vice Provost for undergraduate affairs.

  • We have also finalized a New Faculty Orientation bus tour of the city for some of the 125 new faculty who will be starting their careers at UC this year. While it may seem strange, Emeriti are overseeing bringing this activity back to life since so many of us enjoyed the opportunity we had all those years ago with Danny Ransohoff. A committee of Emeriti will work with Jim Tarbell (also viewed as Mr. Cincinnati!) to plan and carry out this tour. This is a third new Emeriti activity being supported by the Provost office, and will be integrated with the two day Orientation program for new faculty provided by the Centers for Enhancement of Teaching and Learning.


Provost Davenport Speaking to new Emeriti

Provost Davenport Speaking to New Emeriti at Dinner Celebration



New Emeriti Dinner Celebration

New Emeriti Dinner Celebration

Upcoming Events

  • Stay tuned for upcoming events!