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Gigi Meyer Escoe

Vice Provost for Undergraduate Affairs

The Vice Provost for Undergraduate Affairs is responsible for leading and coordinating all academic aspects of the undergraduate experience. This office works closely with senior administrators responsible for undergraduate affairs in each of UC’s undergraduate colleges and the Associate Vice Provost for Enrollment Management and the Senior Vice Provost for Academic Planning.  The Vice Provost for Undergraduate Affairs seeks to realize the unique opportunities that are present when a research university makes a strong commitment to quality undergraduate teaching and learning and to further develop the university’s undergraduate vision, Integrated Core Learning (ICL).  ICL calls for the thoughtful integration of the general education core, major course work, experiential learning, co-curricular activities, and faculty-guided student reflection throughout a highly interdisciplinary and contextually rich undergraduate experience. The Vice Provost acts as the primary liaison for UC undergraduate education to students, faculty, other campus constituencies, and external audiences.

Gigi Meye Escoe




In addition, the Vice Provost

  • Provides oversight for non-college based undergraduate programs and initiatives including the University Honors Program, the Office for Nationally Competitive Awards, the Division of Professional Practice and Experiential Learning, the Center for First Year Experience and Learning Communities, the Choose Ohio First Scholarship Program and curricular re-visioning for semester conversion
  • Fosters undergraduate interdisciplinary and cross-college collaborations
  • Provides leadership and support for the assessment of undergraduate student learning at all levels: course, program, general education, and institutional
  • Chairs the Integrated Core Learning Leadership Committee, the University General Education Coordinating Committee, the Athletic Advisory Council, and the Provost’s Student Advisory Committee
  • Participates in the Integrated Enrollment Planning Process with the explicit role of safeguarding the quality of the undergraduate experience in light of Performance Based Budgeting
  • Works closely with the Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning to identify faculty development needs in light of current undergraduate priorities
  • Serves as an active member of the Academic Coordinating Committee, the Academic Operations Committee, the University Assessment Team, the Provost’s Alumni Advisory Council, the Academic Master Plan Coordinating Team, and the Provost’s Senior Leadership Staff