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Research, Education, & Creative Opportunities Network (RECON)

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The R.E.C.O.N. Mentorship Program that enables undergraduate students to be paired with fellow undergraduates who are already involved in various opportunities at UC. These RECON mentors will be equipped to help students become aware of the opportunities available to them by enabling students to ask questions, shadow their RECON mentors, tour campus research labs, sit in on lab meetings, and network with faculty.

For more detailed information about becoming a RECON Mentor, meeting our current Mentors, or details about the program please see below. 

Recon Benefits
Meet the Mentors Imange

Students who successfully complete our 2-hr Undergraduate Discovery Workshop are elligible to begin the RECON Mentorship Process.

The Mentorship Process:

The R.E.C.O.N. Mentorship Program consists of 3-4 short meetings between a student and their R.E.C.O.N. Mentor.

Meeting 1: Research-Specific Certifications (30-60 mins)

If necessary for the student's major, the RECON mentor will help the student begin working on the basic certifications necessary to conduct research in their field  (ie. CITI Training, etc)

Students will begin the process with their mentor, and will be instructed to complete their certification at home between Meeting 1 and Meeting 2.

Student who do not need any certifications will move directly on to Meeting 2

Meeting 2: CV Development (30-60 mins)

During this meeting students will have the opportunity to sit down with their RECON mentor and either 1) turn an existing resume into a working CV 2) Update an old CV to an improved CV or 3) Build a CV from scratch

The RECON Mentor will come prepared with a professional electronic CV template that they will fill in with the student's information

Meeting 3: Department/Major Networking (60 mins)

The RECON Mentor will plan ahead for this meeting by contacting members of the student's department to schedule tours of labs, meet faculty, sit in on a lab meeting and /or get involved with a club or organization in that student's department or major.

Meeting 4: Placement Readiness Evaluation / Action Plan (30-60 mins)

The RECON Mentor will help the student build a personalized Action Plan of prioritized Steps for the student to follow to help them attain a placement.

Final Step: Letter of Recommendation

After the student completes both the 2-hr UG Research Workshop and the RECON Mentorship Process, the RECON Mentor will notify the URSC Office and we will provide the student with a Letter of Recommendation to aide them in finding a research assistantship.





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