UC2019UC2019Academic Master PlanUniversity of Cincinnati


We commit to the University of Cincinnati becoming a first-choice destination for students, patients, faculty and staff. Excellence pervades our research, learning, campus, collaborations, opportunities, athletics, support, health care and diversity. We stand ready to accomplish a transformation that achieves prominence.

  • We will measure our success against the elite set of peers represented by the Association of American Universities and The Top American Research Universities.
  • We will prioritize and target our resources on those areas in which we excel.
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UC2019 Promises Fulfilled

Principle #1:  Learning

Principle #2:  Discovery

Principle #3:  Community

Principle #4:  Economy

Principle #5:  Sustainability

Principle #6:  Global Engagement

Principle #7:  Diversity

Principle #8:  Mission-Based Health Care

Principle #9:  Collaboration




Academic Master Plan Phase One
Academic Master Plan Phase Two