Public Safety

Public Safety




UC Police Officer Andy Feck (on left) with Madeira Officer Jay Roy stand guard at the police officer's memorial as part of the Hamilton County police honor guard during Police Memorial Day ceremonies 5/12/14

 The University of Cincinnati Police is a service-oriented law enforcement agency whose primary mission is to provide services that promote a safe, secure and accommodating environment to the University population. We are comprised of both certified police officers and non-commissioned security officers who proudly serve in the furtherance of this mission and the UC/21 plan initiated by the University.

We are a full-service agency operating 24/7 that responds to calls originating through our Communications Center and those coming from encounters in the community. We also work cooperatively with the Cincinnati Police Department to help to ensure the safety of our community around campus.

You are invited to check out the rest of our web page to get more specific information on the structure of our organization, the activities in which we engage and crime statistics, to name a few.