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Adding, Dropping and Withdrawing from Classes

Alterations to the student's schedule involving the addition of one or more classes, changes in class sections, or changes in credit status, may submitted by logging in to the web registration system or by submitting a paper form.  The "Registration Change (Add/Drop) Form" may be obtained from the student's college or from the One Stop Student Service Center (University Pavilion 2nd floor) or a regional campus registration office.

From the eighth (8th) day of the term through the 16th day of the term, additions to a class schedule requires only the approval of the instructor.  Thus, only the class instructor's signature is required on the Registration Change (Add/Drop) Form" through the 16th day of the term.  A college signature is not required.

Beginning with the 17th day of the term, however, both the approval of the instructor and the college are required, and so the "Registration Change (Add/Drop) Form" must be signed by both the instructor and a representative of the college offering the class.

The completed and signed "Registration Change (Add/Drop) Form" must be submitted in person to the One Stop Student Service Center, or regional campus registration office.

(consult the appropriate academic calendar for the specific short term dates).

Adding and Dropping Classes

To process a registration change, students should complete the following steps:

  • Enter the One Stop Student Service Center or a regional campus registration office to submit a completed "Registration Change (Add/Drop) Form" for processing. Add/drops are processed on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • If space is not available in the section that the student wishes to add, the student may attempt to add try other sections of that class (if offered).

  • Frequently check your schedule online to verify classes.

  • Full-time students who add credit hours over 18 will be charged additional fees for those excess hours. In addition, the credit hours over 18 must be dropped by the eighth calendar day of the term in order to have 100% of the charge for the excess hours removed.

Withdrawing from Classes

After the 16th calendar day of the term (consult the appropriate academic calendar for short term dates), but within the term, the student may withdraw from one or more classes, as follows:

  • Students may withdraw from classes through web registration if the instructor permits web withdrawals (refer to the instructor's class syllabus).  Students and instructors both will receive e-mail notification of the withdrawal.  Students are assigned a "W" grade at the time of the withdrawal, but instructors reserve the right to change the "W" to an "F" through the final grading process.

  • Students may also withdraw from classes in person by submitting a completed "Registration Change" form to the One Stop Student Service Center (University Pavilion, 2nd floor) for processing.  The last day to withdraw from a class is the 58th calendar day of the term (consult the appropriate academic calendar for the specific short term dates).