Hall Governments and RHA

Each residence hall has a hall government body made up of representatives from each floor of the building.   Early in the autumn semester, elections are held in each hall.   Additionally, there is a representative from each hall to serve in the Residence Hall Association (RHA).   RHA is the system-wide hall governance body for all of the UC residence halls and meets weekly.  

Hall government groups, who usually meet weekly in their hall, are as follows:

  • Calhoun Hall Executive Council (CHEC)
  • Campus Park Governing Association
  • Campus Rec Center/Dabney Council (CRCDC)
  • Daniels Hall Association (DHA)
  • Government of Siddall Hall (GOSH)
  • Jefferson Advisory Council (JAC)—serving Turner and Schneider Halls
  • Morgens Hall Governing Association
  • Stratford Heights Association (SHA)
  • University Parks Apartments Association (UPAA)

Hall governments and RHA are funded by receiving a portion of your room and board fees.  Use your voice to influence how these resources are used on your behalf.

Specific information on how to participate in hall government at your hall will be available after hall opening.  Check with the front desk or any staff member.  We look forward to your participation and involvement.  Let’s make your campus home a community of enjoyable learning and unforgettable experiences.