Public Records

The University of Cincinnati is a public institution and, as such, is subject to the provisions of the Ohio Public Records Act. In general, the Ohio Public Records Act requires that records that document the organization, functions, policies, decisions, operations or other activities of the university be made available to any member of the general public upon request. This policy is intended to ensure that all requests for public records are handled in an efficient and timely manner, without undue disruption to the operations of the university. All university personnel are therefore required to comply with this policy, and all persons seeking to inspect or obtain copies of university records are strongly urged to follow the procedures set forth in this policy for requesting records so that their requests might be handled efficiently and in a manner that complies with the law. This policy does not apply to the use of records for official university business or to persons who desire access to their own records.

* University of Cincinnati Public Records Policy
Courtesy of the Office of General Counsel