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Diversity Education

Diversity Education is a broad component supported by all areas of Student Activities & Leadership Development.  Learn about ways to connect:

Diversity Funding Grant

The mission of Student Activities & Leadership Development supports the mission of the University of Cincinnati by promoting and guiding purposeful student engagement, fostering a sense of community, and providing opportunities of student growth and leadership development.  The office aspires to create an inclusive environment that celebrates diversity and enhances students’ ability to become global citizens.  Within this framework, SALD is accepting program proposals up to $2,000 from registered student organizations that support the institution’s diversity initiative.

Diversity Funding Grant Proposal

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Nonviolent Activism Training
SALD's newest leadership training connects Bearcats with the international curriculum of Kingian Nonviolence Conflict Reconciliation.  Participate in the two-day Orientation Training to join hundreds of thousands of people around the globe applying this training to social change.  Bring a shorter training to your orgnization through RAPP Outreach.

Check out these upcoming trainings:

WorldFest Week: A Cultural Celebration

Worldfest Week has a new home! Please visit to find out more information for WorldFest Week 2015. 

RAPP: UC's Social Justice Forum
The RAPP area in SALD offers a variety of opportunities to engage in building knowledge and skills around social justice, intercultural communication, and inclusive leadership.

Check out the RAPP website to learn more!

Emerging Ethnic Leaders
The Emerging Ethnic Leaders program helps first-year student leaders of color develop their leadership skills. Through a supportive learning community, the program enhances leadership potential; fosters interpersonal, social, ethical, and moral development; and instills an attitude of social awareness and responsibility.

Check out EEL on the SALD Leadership page!