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RAPP Mission:  Fighting Oppression through Individual Awareness and Collective Action

RAPP - also known as the Racial Awareness Program - focuses on three areas:  Intensive development programs, alumni engagement, and outreach.

  • A 9-month intensive experiential learning program where students challenge, debate, and educate each other on issues of social positioning and social justice.  Learn more about 9-month intensive HERE.  
  • A 5-day intensive August 11 through 15, 2014, where students develop knowledge and skills related to racial justice and inclusive leadership.  Learn more about the 5-day intensive HERE.

  • Free workshops and trainings on campus and throughout Greater Cincinnati focused on building crosscultural communication skills, self-awareness around social positioning, social justice issues, and developing agency in fighting oppression.  Learn more about Outreach HERE.

  • An alumni program for graduates of RAPP intensives where students continue their exploration of social justice as well as develop facilitation and peer education skills.  Learn more about RAPPORT HERE.

For more information on RAPP, ARJ, RAPPORT, or to schedule a program, contact the RAPP staff at at 513-556-6119 or