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RAPP History

In 1986, following a series of racial incidents, University of Cincinnati students requested an ongoing program to help them bridge racial conflict and create understanding. Although there had been some attention given to racial issues, this was the first student initiated request for a sustained program. The Racial Awareness Pilot Project (RAPP), designed by Student Affairs and Services staff member Linda Bates Parker and a student steering committee, emerged from this request. In the Spring of 1990, the Racial Awareness Pilot Project was recognized as an official program on campus, thus becoming the Racial Awareness Program. Because of community and campus familiarity with the RAPP acronym and logo, the two P’s (RAPP) remained.

Our program is currently working with our 30th 9-month intensive group, our third 5-day intensive group, and fifth cohort of peer educators. Click on the links below to learn about previous groups.