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Social Justice League 2010-11

In fall 2010, RAPP unveiled the RAPP Certified Social Justice Peer Educator program.  Through a naming contest, the group was given the nickname Social Justice League for short.

The Social Justice League provided interested RAPP graduates with a year-long structured learning experience in which they developed knowledge and skills related to peer education and facilitation.  The group continued their exploration of social justice issues within the context of experiential learning, framed their RAPP experiences in the broader context of social justice education, and explored and critically analyzed core concepts of social justice education.

Group photo of Social Justice League 2010-11

Jojo Azevedo, RAPP XXIV
Rachel Berman, RAPP XXV
Marjorie Bledsoe, RAPP XXV
Kinsey Brown, RAPP XXIII
Amber Easterling, RAPP XXV
Bobby Filbin, RAPP XXV
Meagan Lauer, RAPP XXV
Brice Mickey, RAPP XXV
Wil Pierce, RAPP XXV
Krystal Smith, RAPP XXIV
Kimmins Southard, RAPP XXIII
Tyler Thompson, RAPP XXV
DeVorah YisraEL, RAPP XXIV
Maggie Yoder, RAPP XXV

Social Justice League 2010-11 was facilitated by Rebecca Lehman, Program Coordinator.