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RAPP XXVI was conducted during the 2010-2011 school year.  RAPP XXVI involved two groups who met separately until a joint spring retreat.

At the end of this academic year, RAPP was awarded the UC Just Community Award for all of its work, including the 9-month program, RAPPORT and the Social Justice League, campus and community outreach, and the 25 Year Reunion.  Program Coordinator Rebecca Lehman was recognized with the 39th Annual Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. "Living the Dream" Grant Award for her work with RAPP since 2008.

RAPP XXVI Group Photo

Member Names:
Tuesday Group Wednesday Group
N'deye Ba
Britney Bogard
Andrew Boughan
Toni Brock
Marc Brunelle
Jarred Campbell
Kyle Corcoran
Shanade Curtis
Melissa Davis
Cat Florea
Allison Furterer
Marion Grays
Adolphe Hakolimano
Siva Nagi Reddy Inturi
Mika Kousha
Jasmine Land
Alix Luttrell
Julia Mesler
Ani Naik
Kaila Noland
Akilah Patterson
Dan Pham
Mohammad Rezvanizaniani
Shy Ruparel
Sara Sadat-Hossieny
Tiara Sheffield
Alexis Sims
Jennifer Stone
Jay Sutherlin
Mikela Woolfork
Kinsey Brown* 
Rebecca Lehman*
Rachel Berman**
Amber Easterling**
Brice Mickey**
Barbie Abbey
Cassie Baxter
Sarah Blazak
Courtney Brunsman
Ali Davis
AJ Eaves
Jackie Fischer
Dominique Fowler
Jas Hines
Alec Janson
Sarah Kerst
Sara Knollman
Eddy Kwon
Chris Lewis
Rod Lindsey
Tianshu Lu
Victoria Miles
Allison Miller
Matt Miller
Jackie Miranda-Klein
Charlene Monroe
Elsa Nurre
Stacy Randle
Bianca Ruffin
Joey Scheiber
Lance Storms
David Taylor
Kevin Weber
Matthew Woodruff
Rachel Wurm
Kinsey Brown*
Rebecca Lehman*
Kimmins Southard*
Jojo Azevedo**
Marjorie Bledsoe**

**RAPPORT Peer Leader

Charlene Monroe and Toni Brock were awarded the Terence L. Jones Diversity Award.