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RAPP XXVIII was conducted during the 2012-13 academic year - an historic one in which UC transitioned from quarters to semesters.  RAPP XXVIII involved one group of students who met throughout the year and had a joint retreat with RAPPORT members in spring.  This marked the return to one group in the nine-month intensive after four years of two concurrent groups per academic year.

RAPP XXVIII group photo

Member Names:

Abbey Falcone
Aditi Naik
Anthony Foster
Bridget Parham
Dioncia Black
Emma Smith
Iman Egab
Kahvah YisraEL
Kalilah Montgomery
Leah Baccus
Lindy Zeff
Marquez White
Maya Whyte
Meg Groat
Monique Walker
Nathaniel Bell
Nathia Jackson
Oge Okoh
Rachel Thompson
Rebekah Clinger
Sabria Berry
Sarah Carpenter
Sarah Seiger
Shawnee Haslon
Brice Mickey*
Rebecca Lehman*
Farooq Alkhateeb**
Kristin Myers-Young**
Tianshu Lu**

**RAPPORT Peer Leader

Kalilah Montgomery and Nathaniel Bell were awarded the Terence L. Jones Diversity Award.

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