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RAPPORT Resources

RAPPORT is an alumni program for people who've completed a RAPP intensive.  We also uphold the RAPP mission of fighting oppression through individual awareness and collective action

RAPPORT does several things:

  • Continue the exploration and discussions begun in RAPP intensives through our own regular meetings and workshops.  Check here for the schedule - be sure to join RAPP on Campus LINK and like us on Facebook for regular updates!
  • Spread the process and mission of RAPP through development of facilitation, peer education, and leadership skills.  This is most visibly done through the Social Justice League - learn more about that HERE.
  • Support students in the RAPP year, particularly through Peer Leader work and "behind the scenes" work at retreats.  Learn more about the RAPPORT formal leadership positions HERE.
  • Serve as a resource for the campus and Greater Cincinnati community by facilitating workshops and trainings.  Learn more about our Outreach work HERE.