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RAPP Certified Social Justice Peer Education

a.k.a. The SocialJustice League

Bearcats who participate in the Social Justice League can expect to discover that they exemplify social justice education when they commit to continual self-reflection and intentional development work as a social justice educator.

To achieve that, they’ll explore three essential questions:

  • What is social justice education & what is the role of a social justice educator in it?
  • How does continual self-reflection and intentional development fit into the process and goal of social justice education?
  • In what ways can I identify, utilize, and improve upon my strengths and growth areas as a social justice educator?

Through the process of exploring these, participants can expect to build skills and knowledge around social justice education, reflexivity, goal-setting and follow-up, and harnessing development experiences.

Students seeking the RAPP Certified Social Justice Peer Educator have several tracks they can take to complete the certification:

  • RAPPORT Leader Option - Successfully fulfill the expections around meeting attendance and facilitation experience.
  • RAPP Leader Option - Successfully fulfill the expectations of a formal leadership position with RAPP.
  • Individualized Option - Work with the RAPP Program Coordinator to develop and complete your own plan.
To get on the path to becoming a RAPP Certified Social Justice Peer Educator, contact RAPP staff at or 513.556.6119.