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Summer Session

Programs for High School Students

Athletic & Recreational Programs

UC Football Camp
Experience first-hand the football tradition established at Cincinnati, and benefit from getting to know our energetic and caring coaching staff on a personal level.

Men's Basketball Camp
Our summer camps will allow players to learn the technical skills needed to be a successful basketball player. Our goal is to teach young athletes the fundamentals of basketball and to give them the opportunity to improve the skills they already possess in a fun environment.

Cincinnati Soccer Academy (for Men)
Cincinnati Soccer Academy College Prep Camps are designed for the serious soccer player interested in playing at the college level. This one-day program will introduce you to the essential areas of the college game

Cincinnati Summer Track & Field Camp
The Cincinnati Track & Field Summer Track and Field Camp is sponsored and run by the Cincinnati Track Club, is held at the University of Cincinnati and uses some of the University's facilities.

Volleyball Camp
This camp is for junior school aged athletes, both beginner and intermediate. We will focus on skill and position training with a low coach to player ratio. The goal of our Junior Camp is to prepare young athletes for the high school level by teaching them the fundamentals and also the competitive aspects of the game of volleyball.

Arts and Humanities Programs

College - Conservatory of Music

CCM Preparatory offers a wide choice of performing arts programs directed to those high school students with a passion and desire for the performing arts.

Ballet Intensive Workshop

Ballet Intensive Study for Levels 5-7 - June 15-26 or July 27-August 7

Ballet Intensive Study for Levels 3-4 - July 27-August 7

Ballet Classes - check here for schedule

32nd Annual Guitar Workshop

July 12-18 - An intensive workshop for classical guitar enthusiasts of all levels.

Encore Advanced Chamber Orchestra

June 16-20 - Talented string students will rehearse and play great literature for string orchestra and soloists.  Each day, students will participate in sectionals, orchestra, master classes and enrichment activities.  

Cincinnati Young Artists Chamber Music Festival

June 1-6 - The Cincinnati Young Artist Chamber Music Festival provides an opportunity for outstanding young string players to significantly improve their ensemble and performance skills through an intensive 6-day workshop.


High School Summer Immersion - July 5-18

High School students from all over the country who share a passion and excitement for music and theater learn from nationally acclaimed faculty who help realize their dreams.

Voice Workshop

Students will work in Master Class settings with CCM voice and drama faculty, CCM Preparatory faculty and professional vocal coaches to develop a healthy vocal delivery, strong interpretation, language skills and physical freedom in their singing.

Acting Workshop

The High School Acting workshop is an intensive two-week program where students study movement for the actor, stage combat, the Sanford Meisner technique, practical acting skills, rehearsal process, professional demeanor, audition technique and acting as a career.

Making of a Music Major - July 5-10

Are you considering becoming a music major in college? Regardless of whether you want to be a performer or teacher, this is the program that can help you develop the skills needed for admission to your dream school. In addition to high quality instrumental ensemble experiences, we will help you get ready for becoming a music major.

Jazz Academy - July 13-17

CCM Jazz Academy offers an outstanding experience to study jazz performance with professional musicians in a variety of settings. Daily ensemble rehearsals will be augmented with classes in jazz theory, jazz arranging, improvisation, and jazz listening.


College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning

DAAPcamps Residential Weekcamp for High Schoolers

This camp designed for high school students grade 9-12 begins June 21–27, 2015

Architecture & Interior Design

Do you love buildings, inside and out? Are you interested in designing structures and interior spaces? Then the Architecture & Interior Design DAAPcamp is the perfect place for you to be this summer! This camp, designed to introduce you to Architecture and Interior Design, mixes hands-on design projects, field trips to local firms and interesting buildings, plus individual attention from UC faculty, all while giving you a taste of college life. So join us, and create a unique experience exploring the worlds of Architecture and Interior Design.

Graphic Communication Design

See this fantastic poster? What about those amazing title sequences for the latest, coolest movies out there, or even that cool logo on that new magazine you carry around everywhere? Graphic Communication Designers made them all. GCD combines type, image, symbols, color, sound, and motion to bridge the world between people, messages, and ideas. Join us at the Graphic Communication Design DAAPcamp this summer to tour award-winning design firms, and to learn from DAAP faculty just how to use the tools of design to make your own 2D and digital media projects.

Industrial Design

Industrial Designers are innovators and communicators who are skilled at understanding user needs and translating this knowledge into new product and vehicle concepts. Professionals in this field focus on making the world a better, easier-to-use place. Students will improve their drawing skills, learn design procedures involved in creating and marketing innovative and useful products, and develop design concepts. This camp provides an introduction to the industrial design profession, and first-hand experience developing the core skillset required to become and industrial designer.

Fashion Design

You like fashion—We Are Fashion! Think you have what it takes? Only those with heart and soul need apply. Being able to make people feel beautiful and look beautiful is an art form that only few can do. Take the risk follow your heart. Come and spend one week in the Fashion DAAPcamp and begin YOUR design legacy…DAAP! We are fashion!

Studio Art

Do you want to learn to translate your ideas into art? If so, come join the Studio Art camp to engage in a range of art practices exploring the endless possibilities of fine arts. Everything from drawing, to painting and sculpture, to new digital technologies are at your fingertips! Discover the world of creativity, critical thinking, and self-expression that art generates. Campers will create a body of work for a college preparatory portfolio and learn to communicate personal ideas through contemporary art practices.

Shoe Design

“I was sad because I had no shoes. Then I met a man with no feet.” Design! Who doesn’t get excited about design?! Shoes! Who doesn’t get excited about shoes?! Well, if you are excited about either one, this camp will probably put you over the edge. You will be working with professionals from shoe design companies all over the United States, like Adidas, AND1, Jordan Brand, Nike, TOMS, Under Armour, and Vans to name a few, and will learn a great deal about a unique and polarizing product we call footwear! You will leave this camp with more design tools for your creative toolbox, along with a new-found perspective on design and the Footwear Industry. So, tie your shoes and let’s get going!

Business of Fashion Day Camp for High School Students

June 8-12, 2015, 9 am - 5 pm daily for grades 10-12.

Your interest in the world of fashion and retail goes beyond the average “fashionista”... you take this seriously! You are the “go-to-person” when someone needs to put together that perfect look. You feel AT HOME in fashion retail stores even when you aren’t shopping for yourself. The business of fashion and style fascinates you and you can see yourself buying for a department store, trend forecasting, owning your own boutique, being a fashion blogger or journalist or photographer, or working as a stylist - just to name a few ideas! This new day camp is for you!

Digital Fabrication Day Camp

June 8-12, 2015, 9 am-5 pm daily for grades 10-12.

If you like to make things, you will like 3D printing. In the past 5 years, designers have made remarkable use of the new 3-D printers for design prototyping. New designs for plastic toys, appliances, medical devices, automobiles, packaging and containers can now be fabricated directly by the designer! Designer-makers are also using 3D printing to manufacture new one-of-a-kind parts for specialty motorcycles, as well as custom made sunglasses and shoes. Artists are using the 3D printing technology to create their sculpture masterpieces. If you want to experiment with the computer and the 3D printer to make things, come use the Rapid Prototyping Lab at DAAP!

The Art of Sewing Camp

June 8-12, 2015, 9 am-5 pm daily for grades 10-12.

Sewing is a lost art! Come join us for a week-long adventure where you will learn everything you need to know about creating your own fashions with a sewing machine. You will learn the early stages of creating ideas just like designers do when they come up with a clothing line. Next steps are cutting out patterns and sewing the fabric together to create your own look! You may bring your own sewing machine, or machines are also available to use, and can be purchased with a discount. Learn on the machine you will take home! This camp is for girls and guys!

Drawing Intensive Camp

June 8-12, 2015, 9 am-5 pm daily for grades 9-12.

Whether your passion is graphic design, architecture, interior design, fashion, animation, or any wider range or related design disciplines, excellent hand drawing skills will be your constant companion. How and why do we see what we do? What is the shape of light? How can we find a reliable likeness between our drawings and our subject? Excellent drawing skills rely on answers to these important questions and more, all of which emerge from a shared graphic language that is at once inherited from the past, relevant today, and indispensable to your future as a design professional. This camp will help you prepare a competitive portfolio application and will change the way you see the world around you!

Growing The Future City Day Camp

June 8-12, 2015, 9 am-5 pm daily for grades 10-12.

Are you interested in growing, managing, or designing with landscape plants? Growing food in the city? Improving the environment through the intelligent use of plants? The world is recognizing the value of horticulture to the quality of life in urban environments through innovations such as green roofs, living walls, rain gardens, urban agriculture and more. By studying plants on the award winning U.C. campus landscape and around the city, we will discover how plants create the livable cities of the future!

Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and Medicine (STEMM) Programs

Men in Engineering and Applied Science Summer Camp

This one week day camp will allow you to develop your creativity as well as provide you with the opportunity to meet and speak with working engineers.

Women in Engineering and Applied Science Summer Camp

This one week day camp will allow you to develop your creativity as well as provide you with the opportunity to meet and speak with working engineers.

Summer Camp in Computer Science

School of Computing Sciences and Informatics will host a Summer Camp for High School students during the summer. Most of the activities will be in the setting of a computer laboratory.

Emerging Ethnic Engineers Program Summer Institute

The Emerging Ethnic Engineers Program Summer Institute’s goal is to increase the academic preparation, awareness, and interest of students in STEM disciplines. The objective is to increase the pool of prospective students who are admissible to the University of Cincinnati. Students must be entering the 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th or 12th grade in the Fall of 2015.

McMicken College of Arts & Sciences

Summer at the UC Center for Field Studies (Ages 18+)

Field Geology of Cincinnati:
Students will explore and discover first-hand through field trips and field-based exercises our landscape and geologic history, as well as our local geologic hazards of landslides, hillslope mass movement, and flooding. The region’s limestone and shale bedrock and its world-renowned fossils will be examined, collected, and described; evidence of the tri-state region’s glacial history will be explored; and modern stream processes will be surveyed and sediments analyzed. The goal of this field-based course is to understand how our landscape formed/ its inherent hazards, and the geologic foundation upon which it is built. Dr. Craig Dietsch is the instructor.

Wildflowers in Ohio :
For the non-biology major, this course provides an introduction to the diversity of the families of flowering plants, with an emphasis on plants growing wild in the Ohio/Indiana area. Students will learn the plant anatomy and terminology involved in the acquisition of plant identification skills and will learn about the ecology of plants encountered on field trips. The course will be based at the UC Center for Field Studies at Miami Whitewater Forest during May (a great time for spring wildflowers!). Other locations such as Shawnee Lookout, Fernald Preserve, and the Oxbow Area will also be visited. Dr. Denis Conover is the instructor.

Surviving Climate Change :
The course will be conducted at Big Bone Lick State Park and the University Cincinnati Center for Field Studies. The purpose of the course is to provide a hands-on, learn-by-doing, instruction of archaeological field methods including site survey (transit and GPS), drill core analysis, geophysics, and excavation. Scientifically, the objective of this study is to collect data that can be used to answer questions about past human adaptation to climate change. Dr. Kenneth Tankersley is the instructor.

Social Sciences Programs

A&S Summer Archeological Field School, Department of Anthropology (PDF)
Open to anyone interested in learning about archaeological field methods.
No prerequisites required.

Today’s Learners, Tomorrow’s Leaders (TL2)
Currently accepting applications for this 3- week summer program beginning in June. Students will have the opportunity to tour businesses such as P&G, Citibank, and University Hospital and earn college credit from the University of Cincinnati for Economics 101 (microeconomics). This is a great opportunity to network with current UC students who can give you tips for a successful college experience and meet with college admission representatives to learn about scholarship opportunities available.

Upward Bound Pre-College Program
Upward Bound is a pre-college program administered by the U.S. Department of Education and the University of Cincinnati. It is designed to motivate and provide academic skills for eligible students interested in education beyond high school.

Law and Leadership Institute (LLI) Program)
The Law and Leadership Institute (LLI) is a pipeline program designed to introduce tri-state area minority students to the legal profession. Participating students begin the program the summer before their 9th grade year in high school, and continue through graduation. The program provides an overview of basic legal concepts and academic skills critical for success in college and the professional world. Students are in class five days a week (summer) and monthly throughout the school year. Applications are available now for the upcoming class.

Lindner Summer Institute for Emerging Women Leaders
During this week-long institute a select group of high school students (rising juniors and seniors) will live on UC's campus.  Students will network and learn from women leaders in our community as they discuss the following topics as they relate to business: finding and living your passion, work/life balance, physical and emotional wellness and being assertive.

Lindner Summer Institute for Emerging Leaders of Color
This institute is especially designed for emerging African American and Hispanic leaders (rising high school juniors and seniors).  With the help of business leaders and Lindner faculty, students will learn the importance of not only managing but leveraging diversity.  Students will live on UC campus for the week and address topics such as cultural understanding, emotional intelligence and empowerment.