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Prior Learning Assessment

The University of Cincinnati allows students to earn college credit for knowledge obtained outside of the traditional college classroom setting through the process of Prior Learning Assessment (PLA). Students can use PLA to earn real college credit toward their degree without registering for the class! PLA is a useful tool for some students. Follow the links below to find out how PLA can work best for you.


Students in Lab

Many adults who come to college after some time away have gained valuable experience through workforce training, volunteering, or even self-study. Click here to find out how you could turn the knowledge you gained from that experience into real college credit.

Student giving presentation

If you are transferring to UC from another school, we want to make sure that you are getting the credit you deserve! Click here to find out how to make sure that all previous PLA credit is submitted to UC, and to find out how you may be able to earn additional credit for other knowledge you may have.

Veterans Day Ceremony

At UC, we want to make sure that all of our Veterans and active duty military students are making the most of their benefits to complete their degrees in a timely manner. Your military experience may result in course credit that applies toward your degree; click here for more information.

Students on McMicken Green

Current and incoming UC students can find out how they may earn credit outside of the traditional college classroom. This may be through AP, IB, self-study, or other workplace experience; click below to find out how Prior Learning Assessment may be useful to you.