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Faculty Technology Resources Center

The Faculty Technology Resources Center (FTRC) at the University of Cincinnati was established to provide faculty assistance with using technology to enhance the classroom experience. FTRC services include:

  • Blackboard Training
    The FTRC can provide faculty either one-on-one or group Blackboard training.

  • CoursEval
    The Faculty Technology Resources Center manages and maintains the CoursEval system, which allows departments to place their course evaluations online, and receive highly detailed feedback and statistics.

  • Course Building
    The FTRC can help instructors build their Blackboard courses, including converting paper exams for use in Blackboard, scanning documents, digitizing audio and video, and preparing PowerPoint presentations for Web delivery.

  • Digitizing Video and Audio Clips
    Instructors can use either PC or Mac equipment to digitize video and audio clips for use in Blackboard or to burn to CD or DVD.

  • Scanning Documents and Slides
    The FTRC is equipped with high-resolution scanners, including scanners with automatic document feeders (ADF) that can scan up to 30 pages.

  • Software
    See Equipment and Software for a complete list of software that instructors can use to create or edit content for Web delivery.

Policies and Procedures
View the FTRC Policies and Procedures for use of equipment and resources. Please contact the FTRC if you have any questions.

Contact Us

410 Zimmer Hall
315 College Drive
Cincinnati Ohio 45221-0388


Office Hours

Monday - Friday:
9:00am to 5:00pm.

Hours may vary during semester breaks. The FTRC observes all University holidays.

  • University of Cincinnati Information Technologies
  • 400 University Hall
  • P.O. Box 210658
  • Cincinnati, OH 45221