Scheduled Maintenance

Blackboard Upgrade (Dec. 2017) Status Updates

On Friday Dec. 15, UCIT completed the Blackboard upgrade. This upgrade features a more modern and accessible interface (the “Learn 2016” theme), an updated inline grading tool (New Box View), and improvements to the mobile experience.

Once the upgrade was complete, several issues were discovered with the new Blackboard interface, as well as with the installation of New Box View. Known issues are as follows:

Moving content areas occasionally results in unexpected scrolling

Occasionally moving a content area on the left hand navigation menu results in unsightly and unexpected scrolling. Clearing the browser's cache resolves this issue.

Final Column in Grade Center is un-editable

Occasionally the column in the final slot of the Grade Center in a course becomes un-editable. A temporary workaround is to create an empty column and move it to the final slot.

Content Areas are unable to be moved in certain browser sizes

When a user's browser window is too large, the menu icons cannot be moved using the drag and drop method. The items snap back to their place. In addition, if the window is too small, the drag and drop buttons disappear. This seems to happen in all browsers. For now, the best solution is to have the users resize the window width or use the Reorder button in the top right of the menu.

Student Preview Mode and Edit Mode buttons disappear with narrow window

When the browser window is too narrow, the Student Preview Mode and Edit Mode buttons disappear. However, when the browser window is zoomed out, the buttons reappear, and you can see that the header is extended across the window.

Create Random Block opens window with large gray box covering options

When resizing your browser, the box will disappear if it becomes too large.

Blackboard frame does not dynamically scale on large displays

When Blackboard it displayed within a large browser window, it does not scale properly. This leaves large grey margins to the left and right of the main Blackboard frame. If the frame was scaled dynamically, these margins would not appear.

Crocodoc Comments Cut Off

This is a known issue in Blackboard that affects comments made in Crocodoc. Blackboard does not plan on applying a fix ,and suggests using the new scroll/zoom functions in order to see the markups. From what we can see, comments on new submissions are not affected.

Clicking the calendar icon results in unsightly blue bars

Clicking the calendar icon anywhere in Blackboard (announcements, assignments, tests, etc.) results in unsightly blue horizontal and vertical bars appearing on the page.


If you identify any additional issues with Bb, please submit a ticket with the IT@UC Service Desk.

eLearning Updates

When: Second Thursday of every month, 5AM-7AM. 

Task: During this time, the following tasks can be performed (but not limited to):  patching, building block upgrade, database maintenance, and configuration changes. 

Exception: If the maintenance window falls during an exam week, the updates will be pushed back to the Thursday after exam week.   

Critical Issues:  System administrators will use their best judgment when there is a critical issue that cannot wait on committee approval.

Downtime: Generally, these improvements will require minimal, if any, interruption to Blackboard service. Any anticipated service interruptions will be:

  • coordinated with the academic calendar.
  • coordinated through the LMS Subcommittee and the IT change management process.
  • and communicated to students, faculty and staff in a timely manner. 

Testing: Wherever possible, all changes made will be tested prior to implementation.


Previous Dates:

  • July 13th
    • Blackboard Mobile
    • Blackboard Partner Cloud
    • APA Style Central Integration
  • March 16th
    • The Blackboard Java Development Kit (JDK) will be updated to the latest version at 5am. This change will take approximately 2 hours to complete. During this time, Blackboard will be online and functioning as expected.
  • February 10th
  • February 9th

Previous Dates:

  • December 19th
  • November 25th
  • November 9th
  • October 13th
  • July 13th
  • June 8th
  • May 11th
  • April 13th
  • March 16th
  • February 9th
  • January 19th

Previous Dates:

  • August 10th