Scheduled Maintenance

#ITUCUpdate to Office365 Login on March 15

When: This change takes effect Wednesday, March 15.

Description: The Office365 login process will become part of the authentication system currently utilized by Catalyst, Bearcat Card and many other services provided to students.

Students will see a new login page (pictured below) when they access their Office365 accounts at

Added functionality: For the first ten minutes after logging into Office365, students can also access Catalyst and Bearcat Card without entering their usernames and passwords.

Questions or concerns: Contact the IT@UC Service Desk at (513) 556-4357 or (866) 397-3382 or

Office365 login screen

Preview of the new Office365 login screen, effective Wednesday, March 17.

eLearning Updates

When: Second Thursday of every month, 5AM-7AM. 

Task: During this time, the following tasks can be performed (but not limited to):  patching, building block upgrade, database maintenance, and configuration changes. 

Exception: If the maintenance window falls during an exam week, the updates will be pushed back to the Thursday after exam week.   

Critical Issues:  System administrators will use their best judgment when there is a critical issue that cannot wait on committee approval.

Downtime: Generally, these improvements will require minimal, if any, interruption to Blackboard service. Any anticipated service interruptions will be:

  • coordinated with the academic calendar.
  • coordinated through the LMS Subcommittee and the IT change management process.
  • and communicated to students, faculty and staff in a timely manner. 

Testing: Wherever possible, all changes made will be tested prior to implementation.


March 16th Expand

The Blackboard Java Development Kit (JDK) will be updated to the latest version at 5am. This change will take approximately 2 hours to complete. During this time, Blackboard will be online and functioning as expected.