Research & Development

UCIT facilitates academic research by enabling access to enterprise computing resources; cloud-based services and assistance with grants. Innovative, emerging technologies and the latest research tools are available through UCIT Research & Development. See categories below for more information.

Network server and cables

UC ScienceNet (UCSN)

A High-Speed Research Network

UC ScienceNet (UCSN) is a high-speed academic research network that enables high-speed (10Gps-40Gps) data transfers. High speed connections can be made in your office, classrooms, or labs as long as certain security conditions are met. High-speed networking is available for on-campus transfers as well as connections made to endpoints on Internet 2 sites. Transfers to sites on the public Internet are not guaranteed to maintain high(er) speeds.

High-performance computer cluster


High-Performance Computing

High-Performance Computing (HPC) is available in a number of locations throughout campus. Whether you wish to work on a department cluster, a UC centralized facility, or in the cloud, UCIT R&D can assist you with your needs. We can also help with obtaining new clusters, co-location, and new cloud-based initiatives.

People in office working on grant with laptops and paper

Grant Services & Support

Information & Resources

UCIT R&D is uniquely equipped to help you with your grant proposals no matter what agency you are submitting them to. We can help with original writing, references, providing technical resource information, and submitting your proposals.

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Online Resources

Email Lists, Handouts and More