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UCFileSpace provides a variety of free services such as online file storage, personal websites, blogs and wikis for you and your workgroup, and shared file space for your department.

UCFileSpace is available for all UC students, faculty, and staff and your account is created for you automatically.

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Storage space

Use your UC user ID to access your own personal online storage space – your UCFileSpace. Your account comes with one gigabyte (GB) of storage space, and you can access it from anywhere on the UC campus network. If you connect to the campus network from off campus using UC’s VPN service, or using secure client software (SSH/SFTP), you can access your UCFileSpace from anywhere in the world.

Use your UCFileSpace just like you would use a floppy disk, recordable CD, or keychain drive. Copy your computer files for convenient access from multiple locations, or use it as a place to keep a backup copy of a paper that you’re working on. (Note: Always keep a backup copy of any files that are important to you. For example, copy the documents on your computer to your UCFileSpace or vice versa, and synchronize them from time to time. We do system backups of UCFileSpace to allow us to restore the entire system in the event of a hardware problem, but we cannot restore individual user files.)

Easy Blogs and Wikis

UCFileSpace offers blogs and wikis for personal and group use. If you’re not familiar with a blog (short for “Web log”), think of it as a public diary or journal. Each blog entry is typically a single idea or concept, or perhaps an opinion on a topic. Other people can view your blog and make comments if you allow them. The UCFileSpace blogging service is easy to use, and you can get started by visiting and clicking on the ‘blogs’ tab.

For groups or courses, UCFileSpace also offers wikis. A wiki is a shared online collaboration space where group members can jointly work to create online documents; think Wikipedia. Each wiki page can link to other pages or Web sites, and can also include pictures and other multimedia. The UCFileSpace wiki service uses a simple editing interface, similar to what you would find in a word processor. Each group wiki also includes a group blog. Like the blogging service, the UCFileSpace wiki service is easy to use, and you can get started by visiting and clicking on the ‘wikis’ tab.

Anyone at UC can create their own UCFileSpace blog or wiki. Just click the ‘Create my Blog’ or ‘Create a new Wiki’ buttons to get started. An automated setup assistant will walk you thru the process, including defining who has access to your blog or wiki.

For course-based wikis, we can tie your course number to the wiki’s membership list and students will be granted access automatically. Send an e-mail request to UCFShelp@UC.Edu to get your course assigned to a course-based wiki.


If you want more control over your online presence, UCFileSpace allows you to publish a personal website. Getting a Web page online is easy. First, create the page in your favorite Web page editor (or use Microsoft Word and select ‘Save as Web Page…’ from the File menu). Then, just open your UCFileSpace and drop the new Web document into your Sites folder. The document is instantly available online at (where ‘username’ is your UC user ID, and ‘document’ is the name of your Web document file).

The first Web page that you’ll want to work on is your default, or main, page. This is the page that appears when you leave off the /document part of the Web page address ( On UCFileSpace, this document is called index.html. Your UCFileSpace account includes a template index.html file in the Sites folder that you can replace or modify.

For complete information about how to access and use your UCFileSpace, please see the information sections in the UCFilespace portal. There you will find instructions for basic file access for both Macintosh and Windows computers, information about all of the services that UCFileSpace provides, and access to online tools to help you manage your account.

File Sharing for Departments

UCFileSpace provides managed file sharing for UC departments. Using this service, your department’s desktop computers are attached to our domain, allowing everyone in your department to share files in a common group space. The group space can be subdivided in a number of ways. For example, there could be subfolders for faculty, administration, etc.

This can be a cost-effective way to provide shared file storage for your department without the overhead of maintaining your own departmental file servers.

For more information about file sharing services for departments, or if you have any other questions about UCFileSpace, please send an e-mail to

(For other file sharing options, also visit our SharePoint page.)

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