UC Idioms, Jargon and Acronyms

This stylesheet is intended for UC employees, particularly new ones who are unfamiliar with university terms, jargon, acronyms and idioms. Pronunciation hints are italicized in parentheses.

  • For additional guidelines on spelling, grammar and the names of UC facilities, visit the University Stylebook.


A114 (A-1-14): A Request for Payment form used to reimburse individuals for expenses paid, or to pay for freelance or personal services contract work

A123 (A-1-23): A budget request form

AAPW: The Association for Administrative and Professional Women — a nonprofit organization that provides a forum for sharing and discussing issues concerning UC women, professional development, networking and community service

AAUP: American Association of University Professors — a collective bargaining unit representing UC faculty

Academic Health Center: This term refers to UC's four health-related colleges (the College of Medicine, College of Allied Health Sciences, College of Nursing and the James L. Winkle College of Pharmacy), as well as Hoxworth Blood Center. The colleges are located on the university's medical campus.

AFSCME (afs-mee): American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees — a collective bargaining unit representing facilities, parking, maintenance and related employees

A&S: The McMicken College of Arts and Sciences

ARP: Alternative Retirement Plan — one of the state retirement systems available for employees hired after a certain date

AY: Academic year



Bearcats: The name of UC's athletic teams. The team mascot is the Bearcat.

Bearcat Campus Card (BCC): A UC debit card available to students, faculty and staff for a variety of on-campus and off-campus purchases

Blackboard: A Web-based portal for that allows teachers and students to communicate outside the classroom and that provides miscellaneous services to faculty and staff, too



CAHS: College of Allied Health Sciences

Campus Green: Grassy area bordered by Martin Luther King Boulevard, Lindner Hall, the Alumni Center, the dorms along Jefferson Avenue and Sigma Sigma Commons

CASE: An acronym for the professional organization Council for Advancement and Support of Education, mostly used by those involved in alumni affairs, development work or publications aimed at donors and alumni

CATapult: A partial athletics acronym in which the first three letters stand for"championships and academics together

CCM: College-Conservatory of Music

CEAS: College of Engineering and Applied Science

CECH: College of Education, Criminal Justice and Human Services

Clifton Campus: A common, but erroneous, name for the largest campus. Technically, Clifton is a community located one-half mile north of campus. The preferred term is Uptown Campus.

COB: Lindner College of Business (formerly CBA, College of Business Administration)

COM: College of Medicine

C-paw: The athletics logo that resembles the letter "C' turned into a claw. The symbol is reserved for sporting events or student-focued events. Its use in academic references is inappropriate. There is nothing called a C-claw.

CRC: Used to describe both the Curriculum Resources Center in Blegen Library as well as the Campus Recreation Center. It usually means the latter, but be careful in using the initials.

CUFS (cuffs): The UC accounting system no longer exists. It was replaced by UCFlex in 2005.



DAAP (dap or D-A-A-P): College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning. Older alumni often call it DAA, because the P wasn't added until after they graduated.



East Campus/West Campus: These are common terms, but not preferred ones. East Campus refers to the Academic Health Center or the medical campus. West Campus is a shortened name for Uptown Campus West and is used as both an organizational term for non-medical units and a geographical term that refers to the superblock campus bounded by Clifton Avenue, Calhoun Street, Martin Luther King Drive and Jefferson Avenue.

Edwards I, II, III, IV: The Edwards Center on W. Corry Boulevard consists of four separate sections, each with its own individually numbered entrance.

East Campus: Officially called the medical campus, it houses the colleges of the Academic Health Center, UC Medical Center hospital and university offices in the area bounded by Martin Luther King Drive, Vine Street and Burnet Avenue.

ERC: The Engineering Research Center

ESS (Employee Self Service): A Web-based tool for employees to manage their benefits



Fifth Third Arena: the preferred reference for the location of basketball games within in the Shoemaker Center. Fifth Third Arena consists of Ed Jucker Court, 13,176 seats, private suites and a restaurant that overlook the court. The facility also accommodates commencement and occasional special events.

French buildings: Two buildings are named French. The Hastings L. and William A. French Building, usually shortened to the French East and sometimes called the French Building, houses the College of Allied Health Sciences on the Academic Health Center Campus, and French Hall is located on Uptown Campus West across from the Jefferson Residence Hall Complex.

FTE: Full-time equavalent

FY: Fiscal Year (begins July 1 and ends June 30 at UC)



GEARUP: An acronym for Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs

GED: Abbreviation for General Education Development

GETit: The online ordering system for UCIT products and services

Gettler Stadium: The soccer field and track

Great Hall: The large meeting room on the fourth floor of Tangeman University Center

GRI: Genome Research Institute — research facility located at Galbraith and Reading roads



Help Desk: 556-HELP, support for all phone, computing, email and server concerns, for both on-campus and remote access (M-F, 7 a.m.-9 p.m.; S-S, 8 a.m.-9 p.m.)

HPB: Health Professions Building

HR: Human Resources

Human Resources Service Center (or HRSC): Includes business services, consulting services, data operations, program administration services, records/system administrative services and internal office management.



Impact: The employee assistance program, available via telephone 24/7, 365 days a year, answered live by licensed master's-level counseling professionals

IUOE: International Union of Operating Engineers — a collective bargaining unit representing power plant and trades employees



Kronos: Online system used to record time for hourly paid employees



LGBTQ: Lesbian, gay, bi-sesxual, transgender and questioning.

Lindner Hall/Center: There are two Linder facilities. Carl H. Lindner Hall, usually shortened to Lindner Hall, houses the College of Business, and the Richard E. Lindner Center is the athletics center in Varsity Village.



MainStreet: A corridor that stretches from University Pavilion, past Tangeman University Center and the Student Recreation Center, ending at Sigma Sigma Commons. Serves as a hub for student services, including academic services, shopping, dining, recreational and social needs.

Marge Schott Stadium: The baseball stadium

McMicken Commons: The grassy area between McMicken Hall and Tangeman University Center

Mick and Mack: Twin lions guarding the entrance at McMicken Hall

Mick and Mack's: The name of a restaurant in Tangeman University Center

MSB: Not an academic degree, but the Medical Sciences Building



Nippert: The football stadium

NIU: "Non-cash Intra-University" form used to charge another department within the university

Non-traditional student: A student who is either returning to college or starting college at an age older than typical freshmen



ONA: Ohio Nurses Association — a collective bargaining unit representing nurses

One Stop Service: Simply called One Stop most of the time. Located in University Pavilion. Allows students to register for classes, check financial aid status, view bills, check grades and request transcripts in "one stop" (www.onestop.uc.edu).

OPERS (O-purz): Ohio Public Employees Retirement System — one of the state retirement systems



P-Card: Purchase Card — a university credit card used to make purchases directly from vendors

EPDQ: Electronic Position Description Questionnaire — used to describe the duties and responsibilities of a position for Human Resources' review

PeopleAdmin: The online employment application and hiring system.

Please?: Cincinnati-speak for "What?" or "I beg your pardon?" — stemming from the city's German heritage. It's the English translation of the German bitte.



Quad: Engineering Quadrangle, bordered by Swift, Old Chem and Baldwin halls



RWC: Raymond Walters College is the former name of UC Blue Ash College

RX: Purchase Requisition



SAP (S-A-P): Software used in the UCFlex system.

SDI: Small dollar invoice

Sears building: Officially named the Campus Services Building, yet often called "Sears" because the building at the corner of Reading and University once housed a Sears store. UC offices are being phased out of the building.

SEIU/1199: Service Employees International Union — a collective bargaining unit representing office employees

Shoe: "The Shoe" is short for the Myrl Shoemaker Center, which houses the Fifth Third Arena and support services for the Bearcat sports teams, including the women's basketball offices, meeting rooms, locker rooms and related facilities.

Short Vine: The business district on the section of Vine Street that takes a jog to the east and is bounded by Corry Boulevard and Martin Luther King Drive

Sigma Sigma Commons: Light tower and grassy amphitheater near French Hall, a gift of Sigma Sigma fraternity

signature architect buildings: UC has gained international acclaim for its buildings designed by these renowned architects, known as "signature architects." Those buildings are the Aronoff Center for Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning; Campus Recreation Center; Center for Academic and Research Excellence (CARE)/Crawley Building; Central Utility Plant; College-Conservatory of Music Villiage; Edwards Center; Engineering Research Center; the Richard Lindner Center; the Steger Student Life Center; the Tangeman University Center renovation; University Pavilion; Van Wormer Library renovation; and Vontz Center for Molecular Studies.

STEMM: UC's preferred acronym for collectively referring to the disciplines of science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine. The Ohio Board of Regents uses the acronym STEM, omitting the reference to medicine. When appropriate to use the state's style, do so.

STRS (sturz): State Teachers Retirement System — one of the state retirement systems



TA: Travel Authorization form (not a teaching assistant) - needs to be authorized before you go anywhere.

TUC: Tangeman University Center - the student union

Two Sisters: The two high-rise residential halls along Jefferson Avenue (Morgens and Scioto)



UC2019►: UC's strategic academic master plan, implemented by former President Gregory Williams in 2010. Can be written as UC2019. The formal name is "UC2019►Accelerating our Transformation."

UC|21: Shorthand for "UC|21: Defining the new Urban Research University," the university's strategic plan preceding UC2019, implemented by former President Nancy Zimper. Replaced by Santa Ono's "Creating Our Third Century."

UCAAMP (U-kamp): University of Cincinnati Association of Administrators, Managers and Professionals — a networking and professional development group for unclassified, unrepresented staff

UCATS (U-cats): University of Cincinnati Athletic Teams Scholarships — donors who contribute at a minimum level to fund UC student-athletes may purchase priority seating tickets to Bearcat games

UCFlex (UC-flex): The university's new integrated business system. UC Flex Financials replaced the College and University Financial System (CUFS), and UC Flex Human Resources replaced the Human Resources Management System (HRMS) and Benefits Management System (BMS).

University of Cincinnati Medical Center: UC's primary teaching hospital, not technically part of the university, although medical faculty teach there

UC is Listening: Online feedback forum for compliments, complaints, questions, suggestions and surveys. (www.feedback.uc.edu)

UCIT (UC-I-T): UC Information Technologies - provides computer and telephone services, previously called CITS (sits)

U-Hall: University Hall -— location of many administrative offices

UniverSIS (univer-sis): University Student Information System (also called SIS) — a computerized system that consolidates all UC student databases and streamlines record-keeping and student-support operations

Uptown Campus: East Campus and West Campus combined

USAs: University Service Associates — cross-trained staff who provide admissions, financial aid and other services to current and prospective students, particularlly in the One Stop Services Center, but also in other UC departments



Varsity Village: Officially named the Richard E. Lindner Varsity Village, this is the area that comprises all the athletics facilities, including the Lindner Center, Fifth Third Arena for basketball, Nippert Stadium for football, Gettler Stadium for soccer and track, Marge Schott Stadium for baseball and the Trabert-Talbert Tennis Center



West Campus: Officially called Uptown Campus West. All academic colleges and university offices in the area bounded by Martin Luther King Drive, Jefferson Avenue, Calhoun Street and Clifton Avenue.

WIN (win): Women's Initiatives Network — serves as an umbrella group for faculty, staff, student and alumni organizations on campus that are dedicated to serving women.

Work Control: The department handles facilities services, such as maintenance and HV/AC.

Compiled in cooperation with Human Resources – Organization Development & Training and the Division of University Relations.