Social Media Guidelines


The university provides the following guidelines/recommendations for social media use:

  • If you choose to use social media, don’t  start it without having a solid communication plan about how/why you will use it and how it will be maintained, how it will coordinate with other communication tools/vehicles, etc.
  • Review UC's Social Media Strategy to help formulate a plan for your department/unit account.
  • Do not abandon or neglect your area’s website or other communications vehicles in favor of any social media.
  • Determine whether your audience is using social media and try to assess whether this would be an effective way to communicate with them.
  • If you choose to create a social media site, ensure that it has adequate resources for maintenance, review, updates.
  • Take great caution when investing time and resources. Emerging Web technologies have short lifespans and are often quickly replaced by the next best thing. Take full advantage of what makes the technology unique; do not just participate to appear trendy or cool. Make calculated and informed decisions as you would with your primary websites.
  • Contact UC's Director of Digital Communications Jeremy Martin at 513-556-1826 or to assist with strategy and implementation.