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WILL: Women in Leadership and Learning

WILL Mission

WILL’s mission: To build a community of leaders, committed to social justice and activism, through co-curricular, experiential learning.

WILL is a multi-year learning community comprised of both academic and co-curricular experiences designed to develop a student’s leadership over the course of their undergraduate collegiate experience. WILL’s foundation is built on the Social Change Model of Leadership Development realized through the practice of Action Research.

Participants meet every Monday and work toward the development of individual, group, and community intersectional feminist leadership skills. Students engage in action projects in their communities and learn to incorporate feminist theory in their quest for social change.

*WILL currently invites applications from women-identified, trans*-identified, and gender non-conforming students.

Completion of WILL enables students to….

  • Appraise own strengths and weaknesses
  • Collaborate w/others across difference to create change
  • Make connections between curricular & co-curricular learning
  • Apply learning in ways that make a difference

Foundation: The Social Change Model of Leadership Development:

  • Individual Component: Consciousness of Self, Commitment, Congruence
  • Group Component: Common Purpose, Collaboration, and Controversy with Civility
  • Community Component: Citizenship
  • Overall Purpose: Change

Organizational Values:

  • Inclusive community
  • Putting students first
  • Feminist thought: congruence (walk the walk, talk the talk)
  • Being externally connected: partnership/network focused
  • Embrace failure: fail early and often, learn and adapt

Please use the menu to the left for more information about the program, including the program requirements and  application process

For more information contact or call the Women's Center at 513-556-4401.

Visit our blog to see what participants have to say about the program!

The WILL program at UC is designed in partnership by the Women’s Center and the Department of Women’s Gender, and Sexuality Studies. For more information contact or call the Women's Center at 513-556-4401.