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SENEGAL: "The S-Project: Sustainability and Social Entrepreneurship" (Faculty-led) Fall 15

This project has enormous potential for enhancing the success of the local farmers and the economic growth in Western Africa. It will also help to preserve the ownership of family farms in the region, which are being rapidly bought up by large agri-business corporations, destroying local traditions and the Senegalese culture.

Inter-disciplinary teams will focus on recording and reporting on the development of a bio-fuel motor, a bio-fuel production system, and pilot farm site that demonstrates the growing, processing and oil extraction of the seeds of the Jatropha plant. The oil from this plant is extracted to produce bio-fuel to power multi-use engines used for transportation on land and water, tilling soil, pumping water for irrigation, generating electricity, and extracting oil from the seeds of the plant.

This is open to a variety of majors and invites students to contribute to many aspects of this project. Please see the attached flyer/brochure by following the link at the bottom of the page which includes an application.

Note: The course is a UC Forward course and experience, so it extends beyond the travel. For those interested in the course but not able to travel to Senegal, contact Project Directors, Dr. David R. Stefan or Prof. Murray by email.

Can I participate in this program?

Students at the following levels are eligible to participate in this program:

  • Freshmen
  • Sophomores
  • Juniors
  • Seniors
  • Graduate Students
  • Others

Where will I go?

  • Senegal

When can I go?

After winter break ends - December 11 to 21, 2015

Students who participate in this program will be out of the country for less than 9 weeks.

Important Program Deadlines:

Initial Application Deadline: Monday, September 8, 2015

Who is in charge of this program?

Are any foreign colleges or universities involved?

This program is not associated with any foreign colleges or universities.

Is this program associated with my college or department?

This program is not associated with any particular UC college(s) or department(s).

Can I earn course credit by participating in this program?

Participants in this program can earn UC credit for the following UC course(s):

  • The S-Project: Sustainability and Social Entrepreneurship in Senegal

What amenities are provided?

  • Housing / Accommodations
    Students will stay with a host family in Malika and will also travel to rural parts of West Africa to collaborate with local farmers.

  • Meals
    Meals with host family are provided. Extra or additional meals are covered by the student at their own expense.

  • Transportation
    Group transportation is provided.

How much will it cost to participate?

  • Tuition
    TBD (Course may be taken for 1 credit, or if taken as part of the Fall or Spring semester load, it may not incur an additional cost)

  • Room & Board

  • Airfare

  • Other Costs

  • Total Costs
    There is a UC International block scholarship between $400 and $500. Total cost is approximately $3800, but with scholarship the approximate cost will be $3600 - which includes home stay room and board and local site visits.