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Visit the Cincinnati Zoo

Lucy the Bearcat

UC at the Zoo - Saturday, Sept. 6

UC at the Zoo is back! Join us on Saturday, September 6 from 4:30-8:30 p.m. for a fun-filled evening of entertainment and animals at our very special Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens. Tickets are only $7, and they include parking, entertainment and 20% discounts at food vendors (excluding alcoholic beverages) and the Zoo gift shop

(Must show UC at the Zoo Ticket for discounts. This is a private event, so Zoo memberships do not apply.)

Purchase Tickets Online:

  • UC students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends, go to the UC-Cincinnati Zoo Ticket Store (opens in new window) and type in "UC" for the "store name", then select the "Special Events" option. 
  • UC Health associates, go to the UC Health-Cincinnati Zoo Ticket Store (opens in new window) and type in "UCHealth" for the "store name."

Purchase Tickets on UC's MainStreet:

  1. Go to Tangeman University Center (TUC) Information Center.
  2. Purchase tickets with cash, Bearcat Card or credit card.


Discounted Zoo Tickets - Valid Everyday

UC staff, faculty, students and alumni can buy discounted tickets for admission, rides and meals. Bypass ticket booth lines by printing admission tickets from your computer. Present them, along with your UC ID, at the entrance turnstiles.

Purchase discounted tickets

Visit the Cincinnati Zoo online tickets site

Click Log In and enter your company code: "UC"

NOTE: All first time users will need to click “New Customer” once you arrive at the Corporate Account Log In screen to create a user name and password before purchasing tickets.

Discount Tickets to the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

  • Adult Admission: $11.00 ($15.00 gate price)
  • Child Admission: $ 9.00 ($11.00 gate price)


When you visit the zoo, don't forget to say "hello" to Lucy the bearcat, member of the UC cheerleading squad.

Find out what's happening this month at the Cincinnati Zoo by visiting the events calendar.


About Lucy the Bearcat

Bearcat, Arctictis binturong -"Lucy"
January 17, 2008
Spring, Texas
4 ft
20 lbs
Favorite Food:
Grapes, bananas and musketeers

Also known as the binturong, the bearcat is agile like a cat in the canopy and less adept on ground, walking flat-footed like a bear. However, it is neither a bear nor a cat, but belongs to the civet and mongoose family. Spending most of its time in the trees, it slowly and skillfully walks along branches at night while foraging for fruit and small animals. Curling its prehensile tail around a tree limb, the bearcat pulls fruiting branches to its mouth with its forepaws. As it climbs down a tree headfirst, the bearcat turns its ankles so it can still grip the trunk with its claws.

The bearcat has a very distinctive odor; it smells like hot popcorn!

Although it is classified as a carnivore, the bearcat primarily eats fruit.

A bearcat eats a fig, travels a ways, then passes the seeds out the other end, helping fig trees grow in new places.