The Office of Advising & Academic Services team provides critical support to other university offices and students by centrally designing and delivering student-centered technology, quality academic services, university-level coordination, training and professional development for advisors, and leadership support.  Our team is dedicated to promoting high quality advising for UC students with the goal that every one of them will graduate and achieve their goals. I am proud that our team is comprised of committed people with deep content expertise, fresh perspectives and creative problem solving.  You are welcome to contact anyone on our team with inquiries.

For the Students,

Tara Stopfel Warden, Asst. Vice Provost



Pre-Professional Advising Center

Sue Roth, Director

Doe Gavin, Sr. Academic Advisor

Sarah Hunter, Sr. Academic Advisor

Veronica Joiner, Sr. Academic Advisor

College Credit Services

Beth Fisher Young, Director

Karen Franz, Assistant Director

Jamie Solomon, Sr. Academic Advisor

Suzanne Matthey, Records Management Officer II

Kathy Schriefer, Records Management Officer II

Rachel Fulton, Sr. Academic Evaluator

Sue Strakowski, Program Manager

New Student Orientation

Kasey Drennen, Director

Alex Johansen, Assistant Director

Tony Williams, Assistant Director

Center for Pathways Advising & Student Success

Donnie McGovern, Director

Denise Ellis, Assistant Director, Starfish Program Manager

Lacey Tomlinson, Assistant Director, Advisor Training, Professional Development, and Online Resources

Kaci Kortis, Assistant Director, Advising

Renee Rivers, Sr. Academic Advisor (UCBA)

Kea Hardy, Sr. Academic Advisor

Dan Wright, Sr. Academic Advisor

Aaron Zani, Academic Advisor

Jessica Brawand, Academic Advisor

Alex Brogaard, Program Coordinator

Catalyst Advising & Assessment

Chad Wells, Director

Ron Burwinkel, Sr. Academic Evaluator

Steven Long, Sr. Academic Evaluator (50%)

Amanda Derico, Sr. Academic Evaluator

Bob Howell, Sr. Academic Evaluator