COVID-19 Updates:


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During the COVID-19 crisis, students undoubtedly have a lot of concerns about how these circumstances impact their academic performance and access to resources, such as their academic advisors.

We’ll continue to compile FAQ’s related to advising, to guide students and parents/guardians through this new, but temporary, reality. If you have a question pertaining to advising, which is not answered on this page, please do not hesitate to send an email to, so we can address it.



I've heard about the option of a Pass grade instead of a letter grade. How does it work and how will it impact my GPA? Expand

Spring Semester 2020 enrolled undergraduate and graduate students in eligible UC programs will be given the option to convert a class grade to "P" (Pass). You can learn if you're eligible and how it will impact your GPA by visiting the Registrar's website.

Appointment scheduling

Can I still meet with my academic advisor? Expand

Yes! UC advisors continue to meet with and support students through a combination of online video web conferencing, phone appointments, and email. Advisors and colleges have been in touch with all of their students to let them know how to most easily access advising. In addition, students can utilize their advising tools (degree audits and/or graduation plan) in Catalyst to monitor their academic progress.

How can I schedule an appointment with my advisor? Expand

Most advising centers use Starfish for scheduling appointments with current UC students. If your advisor or advising center is not in Starfish, please reach out to them for information on how to set up an appointment.

What if I can't reach my advisor? Expand

If you have reached out to your academic advisor or your advising center and have not received a response within two business days, please contact for further assistance.