Ordering Professional Captions for Accommodations

This guide describes how to order professional captions for active accommodation requests through Accessibility Resources’ Kaltura MediaSpace (KMS) site. Due to the cost of this service, captions are ordered and processed in a moderated fashion. Only requests associated with an active accommodation request are approved.

Access your video through Accessibility Resources KMS

  1. Go to Accessibility Resources Kaltura MediaSpace site.
  2. Log in with your UC credentials and choose My Media from the options dropdown menu. 
  3. Click on the thumbnail or the title of the video for which you want to request professional captions to open it in playback view.

Update the name of your video

  1. In playback view, scroll down to the Actions dropdown menu and choose Edit.
  2. Here you will see an edit field for the name of the video. Add your course information to the video name. For example, COMM 2010. This helps to speed up the approval process.
  3. Click on the Save button at the bottom, and then click on the Go To Media button to return to playback view.

Note: If you prefer not to edit the title of your video, then it is important for you to email the Accessible Media Specialist about your order.

Order captions

  1. In playback view, click on the Actions dropdown menu, and select Order Captions
  2. In the Instructions and Notes area, text entered is seen by captioning transcribers and should include clarifying information for content that could easily be misspelled, such as proper names, course specific terms, acronyms, and abbreviations. 
  3. Standard options for professional captions are:
    1. Source Media Language: English
    2. Fidelity: Professional (99%+)
    3. Turnaround Time (TAT): 48 hours
      1. If expedited 24-hour TAT is required, contact the Accessible Media Specialist
  4. Click on the Order Captions button. Captions are ordered.

Notify the Accessible Media Specialist of your order

Note: This step is required only if you did not update the name of your video!

  1. Send an email to the Accessible Media Specialist.
  2. Include the title of the video for which you ordered captions, so that your request can be approved. 

Check your video for closed captions after 48 hours

  1. In playback view, select the CC icon on the player to turn on captions.
  2. If there is no CC icon available on the player, captions are not yet ready for the video. If this is beyond the 48-hour period, please contact your technical support person or the Accessible Media Specialist.