UC Flex

UCFlex is the University of Cincinnati’s core financial and human resources software application.  UCFlex is used to process accounting transactions, including assets, accounts receivable/payable, grants accounting, budgeting, endowments, and cash management, as well as human resource functions related to personnel administration, organizational management, payroll, time accounting, and benefits.  UCFlex human resources is tightly integrated with SuccessFactors recruitment, onboarding, learning and performance management.  UCFlex and SuccessFactors are both supported and maintained by a team of functional and technical professionals in DTS – Business Enterprise Systems & Technologies.

Business Objects (BOBJ)

Business Objects (BOBJ) is the tool provided to UCFlex users to view and act on UCFlex data.  It provides a flexible view of the data available in UCFlex to allow users across the university quick access to the operational and analytic reporting needed to help them make decisions.  BOBJ data is updated once per day to provide a consistent view of the data throughout the day.

Faculty and staff can find additional resources, including access requests forms, training documents and DTS – Business Enterprise Systems & Technologies contacts at Bearcats Landing.