Vendor Form Information

  1. To create a vendor number for an individual, we require a signed and dated IRS W9 Form or a contract that includes name, address, social security number, signature and date.  All form must be completed by the vendor/payee.

  2. If a vendor wants to set up banking with the university, then the Direct Deposit Banking Form can be used in lieu of the W9 or contract. Please ensure to include a voided check or bank verification letter.  Any changes to an existing vendor account/information, such as change of last name, address or bank account  requires a new direct deposit form to be completed. Remember to reference the old account information on the form.  Please ensure a voided check or bank verification letter is included with the new banking information.

  3. Forward the signed Direct Deposit authorization form with voided check or alternative form to:
    PO BOX 210333
    CINCINNATI, OH 45221-0333

              (a) If you are a Company and have questions for the Accounts Payable Department                   please call:  (513) 556-6772.

             (b) If you are an Individual and have questions for the Accounts Payable Department                please call: (513) 556-6746.

             (c) You can also contact us by fax at (513) 556-3000 or email at                                    

For security and IRS auditing purposes an email message, invoice or a simple typed up word document are not acceptable forms for setting up your vendor information with the university.