Basic Computer Skills

In this basics class, you will be guided by an experienced IT specialist and gain confidence in using your Windows or Mac computer.

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Thu., Dec. 8, 6-8 pm / $49 / One Class

Instructor: Brandon Nelson

In-person at VPC Campus

This course goes over some basic computer operating skills so you can enjoy your personal computer at home and function effectively in the modern workplace. Guided by an experienced IT specialist, you will learn both the Windows and Mac operating systems. Topics reviewed will include using email software, Microsoft Office suite, WIFI set up, internet safety and browsing tools; and data management, including saving to the "cloud." Plus, the instructor will make time to allow for any additional questions you may have so you feel more confident using your computer. This class will take place in our computer lab with desktop computers for you to use. If you prefer, you may bring your own laptop.


About Your Instructor

Headshot of Brandon Nelson

Brandon Nelson

Brandon Nelson is an IT technician by trade with a passion for microbiology. He has become an expert homebrewer and winemaker with a fascination for the process of fermentation. Fun fact: Brandon also grows mushrooms at home!

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