Golf for All Levels

Get out on the green and get ready for some great golf! All classes are held at Sharon Woods Golf Course. Lessons are taught by PGA professional instructors. Please bring your own clubs if you can; if not, equipment will be provided. Register Early! Classes fill up fast and class size is limited.

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Get Golf Ready 1

Start Dates:

May 8 - June 5  / 5:30 pm 

May 10 - June 7 / 6:45 pm 

May 13 - June 10 / 9:30 am  

$165 / Five Classes

Location: Sharon Woods Golf Course

A fun way to learn the wonderful game of golf! This class is designed to prepare new or beginner golfers to feel comfortable with the of game. You will become familiar with the fundamentals of the five shots encountered on the golf course: the full swing including wood and iron shots, chipping, pitching and putting. Topics include putting, chipping, pitching, irons, hybrids and woods. Classes will also cover golf course procedures, rules and etiquette.

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Get Golf Ready 2

Start Dates: 

May 8 - June 5 / 6:45 pm

May 10 - June 7 / 5:30 pm 

May 13 - June 10 / 11 am 

$165 / Five Classes

Location: Sharon Woods Golf Course

After learning the fundamentals in Get Golf Ready 1, this class prepares students to play by demonstrating when to apply the learned skills on the golf course. We will build on full swing and short game fundamentals and develop on-course skills through practice simulations. Skill assessments are conducted to evaluate strengths and weaknesses of your game and determine a focus for your individual practice sessions. 

This class is designed for golfers beyond the beginner level who want to improve their game.

About Your Instructor:

Headshot of Scott Sides

Scott Sides

Scott is an Assistant Golf Professional at Sharon Woods Golf Course in Blue Ash. He has recently embarked on his journey to PGA membership by entering the PGA’s Professional Golf Management (PGM) program.

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