Lovely & Lively: Healthier Poster the Alexander Way!

The Alexander Technique teaches basic principles of bearing and coordination that promote easy and sustainable postural support.

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Tue., May 31-Jun. 14, 6-8 pm / $139 / Three Classes

Instructor: Claire Rechnitzer

In-person at VPC Campus

Good posture is recognized as key to looking and feeling our best, however, many approaches to improving posture are strenuous, unsustainable, or leave us dependent on gadgets and devices. It needn’t be that way! The Alexander Technique promotes a physical awareness that helps people rediscover their own, innate and easy, postural support. In this class, you will experience helpful concepts of functional anatomy and body mechanics through activities designed to make you feel taller, lighter, looser, and calmer. Practiced over time, new and better postural habits will become your “new normal,” freeing you to pursue your chosen activities with greater ease and poise. Suitable for people of all fitness levels.

About Your Instructor

Headshot of Claire Rechnitzer

Claire Rechnitzer

Claire Rechnitzer, a certified Alexander Technique teacher, has been teaching individuals and group lessons for over a decade. Having been introduced to the Technique over 25 years ago.

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