Creating a Wellness Vision Board: Getting You Through Your Wellness Journey

Become the creator and visionary to manifest the life you want to lead.

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Creating a Wellness Vision Board: Getting You Through Your Wellness Journey

Tues., Jan. 10 - Jan. 17, 6-7:30 pm/ $40 / Two Classes

Instructor: Mary Rich
In-person at VPC Campus

How do you envision optimal wellness?  Participants will create a wellness vision to guide them on their wellness journey.  Using various strategies, participants will explore values, their definition of wellness, and what is important to them.  Dimensions of wellness and what each means to the participants will be explored.  The second week, participants will create their vision board. Participants will have a wellness vision that will assist them with transitioning through life.

Participants are asked to bring a poster board and photos, images, words, and quotes to create their vision board to the second class.  Information on what to bring will be discussed in detail during the first class.

Course supplies: Instructor will supply scissors, tape, glue, stickers, and markers to use during the second class.

About Your Instructor

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Mary Rich


Mary Rich is a National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC) and founder of Flourish to Live. Her passion is assisting individuals with lifestyle changes to enhance their well-being and live a fulfilled life.

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