Nutrition Basics

Students will learn about the different types of nutrients, how they function in the body, and how to make informed decisions about what to eat.

nutritious food on a table


Tuesday, June 6, 6:00pm / $29 / One Class

Instructor: Sharon Chamberlin

In-person at Victory Parkway Campus

This course on basic nutrition provides a high-level overview of the role of nutrition in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It covers topics such as defining a healthy lifestyle and how nutrition fits in, calories and macronutrients, and discussing healthy eating habits. This course is ideal for anyone who wants to develop a basic understanding of nutrition and how to make better food choices.

Headshot of Sharon Chamberlin

Sharon Chamberlin

Sharon Chamberlin is a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach. She founded Catalyst 4 Fitness, a woman-owned small business providing fitness and meal planning services.