Design & Assemble a "Living" Lamp

Learn to create these beautiful, understated serene works of greenery to decorate your home.

terrarium lamp


Sat., Oct. 15 / 12-2 pm / $65 / One Class

Instructor: Kelsey Pearman

All supplies included in class fee,
except for the lampshade.

In-person at VPC Campus

In this class, you will create a decorative table lamp with a perfect ecosystem for miniature plants inside. With the guidance of step-by-step instructions, you will start with a clear-glass lamp base, learn how to select the right tropical plants, arrange, and plant them to create a magical miniature natural world. Then you will assemble your working lamp to light up your little indoor garden! Please bring a lampshade of your preference.

About Your Instructor

Headshot of Kelsey Pearman

Kelsey Pearman

Kelsey Perman is an Environmental Compliance Specialist with Hamilton County with a Masters degree in Biology, Ecology. In her personal time she has a love of terrariums and has been building them for years. Kelsey recently started Niche Terrariums.