French for Beginners

Learn French pronunciation and gain basic conversational, language, and reading skills for fun and travel, together with an introduction to French culture and contemporary topics.

paris city scape with eiffel tower

French for Beginners

Tuesday, September 12 - October 24, 6:00-8:00PM

$189 / Seven Classes

Instructor: Mary Helen Weber

Location: Victory Parkway Campus

Learn the basics of the most romantic of the Romance languages! This in-person course will offer a foundation of French pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar designed to make sense to American beginners. We will incorporate practice from the prior class in each session for retention and understanding while learning a new area of the language. Students will become acquainted with contemporary French culture and geography and develop basic conversational skills useful for travel and everyday situations, in an informal, encouraging atmosphere in a spacious classroom. Please purchase the book before the start of class.

Textbook available on Amazon approx. $14-20: French: A Self-Teaching Guide, 2nd Edition, by Suzanne A. Hershfield-Haims
ISBN 0471369586 or 978-0471369585

Headshot of Mary Helen Weber

Mary Helen Weber

Language Instructor

Mary Helen Weber has extensive background in French, has traveled and studied in France, and holds a masters degree in French from Harvard University. She has enjoyed teaching Communiversity students many times.