Cabinet of Curiosities (If You Dare!)

Spend an evening steeped in Cincinnati lore with scary stories, tales, and local legends.

magazine cover Cabinet of Curiousities

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$39 / One Class

Class fee includes Issues 1 and 2 of the comic anthology.
Instructor: Kat Klockow
In-person at VPC Campus

Cincinnati has long been home to ghost stories, legends, tall tales and other strange history. The stories range from hauntings and cryptids to urban legends. There are tales of a strange creature stalking in Waynesville, Ohio; the ghost residing in the Sorg Opera House in Middletown; sightings of ghostly mists and black hooded figures near a Liberty Township bridge. Kat Klockow, editor of a comic anthology, "Cincinnati Cabinet of Curiosities” will delight you with these tales and so many other local legends. If you are interested in ghost stories, then join us for this fun and illuminating class!

Headshot of Kat Klockow

Kat Klockow

Writer, Editor

Kat Klockaw is a writer and the editor of Corpse Flower Press in Cincinnati. She has a BA from Indiana University and has studied in Japan. Kat writes and illustrates several graphic novels through her business Klockaw Comic Studio.

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