Cincinnati in the Civil War: The Union's Queen City

 Join historian David L. Mowery, as he examines the many different facets of the Queen City during the war and the impact it has had on Cincinnati.

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Please check back for class dates in Winter term.

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Instructor: David Mowery

During the American Civil War, Cincinnati played a crucial role in preserving the United States. Not only was the city the North’s most populous in the West, but also it was the nation’s third most productive manufacturing center. The Queen City of the West served as a key provider of the Union's soldiers, weapons, supplies, medical aid, and political influencers. In this class, Cincinnati historian David L. Mowery will reveal some of the Queen City's key structures, such as military installations, hospitals, churches, businesses, and private homes, in the way they appeared at the time of the Civil War. Simultaneously, he will show how those same buildings look today. Come join David as he gives the highlights of Cincinnati's impact on the outcome of the Civil War through a visual comparison of the past with the present.

About Your Instructor

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David Mowery

Writer & Historian

Studying the American Civil War has been David Mowery's passion for nearly 45 years. David enjoys traveling across the United States in search of forgotten historic sites. He has visited all of the major Civil War battlefield parks.