Crimes and Mysteries of the Bourbon World

The world of American Whiskey has had no shortage of calculating crooks, meticulous mobsters and corrupt officials over the last century and half. And each story is a bit more nefarious and defiant than the last!

bourbon with caution tape

Crimes and Mysteries of the Bourbon World

Wednesday, June 21, 7:00PM 

$39 / One Class

Instructor: Phil Kollin
Location: Victory Parkway Campus

During this presentation, we'll talk about some of bourbon's legendary heists, colorful characters and complicated criminal plots. Bourbon expert Phil Kollin will lead a discussion that highlights everyone from Cincinnati bootlegger George Remus to President's Grant White House insider Oliver Babcock and even the infamous "Pappy Heist" of 2013. 

Join us for a look at the crimes that a few got away with...and the unsavory schemes that got others caught red handed! 

Phil will also spend some time showcasing a handful of modern day bourbon bottles found on the shelf that are a true "steal" - tremendous whiskeys that can be purchased for $25 or less. 

Join us of history and storytelling with a dash of bourbon!

Headshot of Phil Kollin

Phil Kollin

Phil Kollin loves nothing more than talking whiskey. You can often find him sharing some of the amazing lore, history and trivia all associated with the beloved spirit. Over the years, he has hosted hundreds of groups on whiskey-themed events.

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