The G-Man and the the Nurse: A 1929 FBI Cold Case

Enjoy an evening of intrigue with former special agent, William Plunkett as he takes you through the case that became a cause célèbre in Washington DC during the roaring twenties.

book cover: The Nurse and the G-Man


Thurs., Sept. 23, 6:30-8:30 pm / $49 / One Class
Class fee includes an autographed book.
Instructor: William Plunkett
In-person at VPC Campus


Join author and former special agent William Plunkett in his fascinating expose of the sensational Washington, D.C. death case that punctuated the end of the roaring twenties. The victim was an attractive young nurse, Virginia McPherson, found dead in her apartment under suspicious circumstances. Her case became a cause célèbre in the capital city where it occupied the headlines for weeks. A maverick patrolman, Robert Allen, doggedly pursued the “suicide” investigation, convinced it was a murder, while it was being reported by the half-dozen daily papers that hung on every bizarre turn. Because of the fervor he created, the entire police investigation was thrown out, a massive public relations disaster for a metropolitan force already besieged by its futile attempts to police the effects of Prohibition. Experience the case unfold in this riveting evening with the author.

About Your Instructor

Headshot of William Plunkett

William Plunkett

Former FBI Special Agent, Book Author

William Plunkett, FBI agent-turned-crime writer, has applied his former investigation skills to his books. His readers get enthralling behind-the-scenes tales of duplicity, political infighting, and human vanity.

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