K-12 Blended & Beyond Teaching Learning Series

teacher in front of classroom holding tablet and smiling with children in background

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About This Series

The K-12 Blended & Beyond K-12 Teaching Series has been developed to help teachers and administrators strengthen blended learning and alternate learning modalities needed to successfully teach today. Courses are designed to be convenient for you:  Asynchronous learning that includes live office hours and coaching with your instructor. Attend when you’re ready with rolling enrollment dates and new classes starting monthly. The choice to extend class completion time to submit your portfolio.

Course start dates: Jul. 12, Aug. 19, Sep. 23, Oct. 21, Nov. 18, Dec. 16


Define and examine engagement using Universal Design for Learning and ISTE standards. Together, we will evaluate instructional strategies for cognitive engagement and evaluate the use of digital tools for engagement vs. entertainment. You will redesign your own instructional practices to remove barriers to engagement and improve higher order thinking. 20 Hours, 2 CEU. 

Practice using simple digital tools to design instructional content with the learner in mind. Learn the value of empathy in design for caregivers and learners. Evaluate instructional content and classroom resources for cognitive load, apply design best practices, and build blended learning resources that help learners focus on memory and application of content. 20 Hours, 2 CEU.

Move through targeted practice to prepare you for the Google Certified Educator exams.  Ask questions and receive support for Google Suite tools covered on the educator exam. 10 Hours, 1 CEU. 

Learn how to apply visual literacy practices in your classroom and examine the connection between images, emotions, engagement and memory. Learn easy tools for creating your own video entry events to use in instruction, and examine tools and examples for student creation of simple video projects. 10 Hours, 1 CEU. 

Check your understanding of Universal Design for Learning basics while examining the myth of designing for the “average” learner. Dig into how to use digital tools and resources to provide multiple means of engagement, representation and action and expression in blended environments. 20 Hours, 2 CEU.

Looking for that balance of community building and learning in your live meetings? Wondering how to use digital tools to create active learning in Zoom, Google Meet and other live meeting tools? Evaluate, try strategies and tools and share best practices for live remote meetings. 10 hours / 1 CEU. 

How can digital tools help us increase student ownership in our classrooms and at the same time reduce time spent grading? Think beyond essays and tests while examining a range of assessments that can be used in blended classrooms to collect data and demonstrate student learning. Evaluate examples of formative and summative assessments, build digital choice boards, and practice giving meaningful feedback. 20 Hours, 2 CEU.

Communication, assessments, digital tool use, and more can be planned ahead to support learning in any environment. We know that some blend of online and face-to-face learning will meet us in the fall. Learn how to prepare blended learning to be ready for whatever next year throws at us. Build and receive feedback on your plan for next year and learn from exemplars in the field of blended learning.20 Hours / 2 CEU.

Learn why designing for the end user (hint:  it’s not you.)improves everyone’s experience in the blended or remote environment. Practice building blended learning components that promote empathy in your learners as well. 10 hours / 1 CEU.