Brand Guide for Digital Use

Web authors should adhere to all University of Cincinnati Brand Guidelines, and should adhere to to the additional requirements found on this page. Fonts, colors, etc. described within this document are maintained within the CSS code in AEM, and should never be manipulated or modified without the approval of the Digital Communications team.

Digital Logo Usage

The all-white, digital version of the logo on a red, black, or red gradient field is the only UC logo permitted on UC's website. The correct logo is included at the top of each page within the content management system, and no other UC logo should appear on a page, per University of Cincinnati Brand Standards. Additionally, no College or Departmental lock-up will be used on the website.

(NOTE: Sites or pages using the Legacy [Base Responsive] Template are permitted to continue using the full UC logo until the site has been migrated to the updated template.)

No version of the University of Cincinnati logo (including lockups) may be used as a primary logo (in the header of a page) on any page or site that is not on the domain.

On a scroll, the “CINCINNATI” text will be removed, leaving the UC symbol in the top left corner, to the left of College or Department name.


The fonts used within the University of Cincinnati web environment are variations on Open Sans (sans serif font) and Gentium Basic (serif font). Only feature stories within the UC Magazine site and paid campaign landing pages are permitted to use other fonts (ex: for special title treatments, pull quote styles, etc.).

Sans Serif Fonts (Open Sans)

  • Open Sans
  • Open Sans Italic
  • Open Sans Bold
  • Open Sans Bold Italic
  • Open Sans Extra Bold

Sans Serif Fonts (Jost - used for digital Headers)

  • Jost
  • Jost Italic
  • Jost Bold
  • Jost Bold Italic
  • Jost Extra Bold

Serif Fonts (Gentium Book Basic)

  • Gentium Book Basic
  • Gentium Book Basic Italic
  • Gentium Book Basic Bold
  • Gentium Book Basic Bold Italic


UC Red
Hex: #e00122
RGB: (224,1,34)

UC Dark Red
Hex: #b8011c
RGB: (184,1,28)

Hex: #000000
RGB: (0,0,0)

Hex: #ffffff
RGB: (255,255,255)

Hex: #f3f3f3
RGB: (243,243,243)


Red Gradient
Hex: #b8011c to #e00122
RGB: (224,1,34) to (184,1,28)

Black Gradient
Hex: #000000 to #404040
RGB: (0,0,0) to (64,64,64)

White Gradient
Hex: #cccccc to #ffffff
RGB: (255,255,255) to (204,204,204)


Photos should be uploaded no larger than 2500 px wide at 72 DPI, and should be optimized to be between 1 - 1.5 MB in size. Photos should be uploaded as JPG files and graphic files should typically be uploaded as PNG files (PLEASE NOTE: due to accessibility and branding concerns, authors are strongly encouraged to only use graphics that have been approved by the Digital Communications team.)

Photos and videos should also be consistent with the university’s branding standards. Site editors should avoid using photos taken on phones and other personal devices. If you would like to purchase photography from UC’s Photo Services Team, or if you would like to hire a photographer for a photo shoot, contact Photo Services.