Browse our photocatalog for high-quality stock images that tell the University of Cincinnati's story -- on campus, in our city and around the world.

Photocatalog FAQs

No; anyone can browse over 2,000 of our favorite images, with more being added each week. If you’re not able to find what you’re looking for, don’t worry! The full collection contains more than a million images! Contact us and we’ll create an account that matches your needs.

There are several ways to find images, including browsing Categories and Keywords, and typing search terms into the Quicksearch bar.

Categories and Keywords appear on the left, under “Containers.” (You may need to select a Catalog first, depending on your account settings.) Every job we shoot is filed into the Category it best fits. Individual images may be assigned Keywords as they are visually appropriate. So, every photo shoot is assigned to one Category, but individual photographs can be given one, multiple, or no Keywords.

Use the Quicksearch bar to search the name or description of a photo. Typing two words in the search bar will show results that contain either word. You can use some common search techniques to help refine your results, for example:

  • Searching bearcat statue finds results with both bearcat and statue
  • Searching “bearcat statue” finds results with the exact phrase bearcat statue
  • Searching bearcat || statue (pipe symbol above the Return key) finds results with either bearcat or statue bearcat
  • Searching -statue finds results with bearcat but not statue

Tip: Our filenames start with the date the photo was shot (YYMMDD). So if you’re looking for images from the Fall 2016 Commencement, and you know it occurred on December 9th, 2016, try searching for 161209. You’ll see all the photos taken on that day.

You can change thumbnail size by clicking on the grid icon with the letter S, M, or L. This will change between Small, Medium, and Large thumbnails. There are two ways to preview an image: click on the image itself, or click on the eyeball icon. Clicking on the eyeball icon will take you to the Preview mode. From there, you can scroll through the images on the left, or use your keyboard left and right keys to cycle through images.