DNS Requests

Under most circumstances, new University of Cincinnati websites will be created below the root level of uc.edu (ex: uc.edu/new-site or uc.edu/about/new-site). In certain situations, a new site may require a new subdomain (ex: domain.uc.edu). Users requesting a new University of Cincinnati domain must submit a request for subdomain approval form, and adhere to the subdomain naming policies below. Domain requests are reviewed by the Domain Review Committee to ensure that each reflects an appropriate and effective domain. All subdomains (domain.uc.edu) are reviewed. Requests require up to 14 days for approval.

  • Public-facing domains/sites must be housed within a university-supported content management platform.
  • Subdomains will not be approved if used only for redirecting to other domains. The domain name must resolve to your website. 
  • Names must not include brand names (ex: author.uc.edu as opposed to AEM.uc.edu) or proper names (ex: johnsmith.uc.edu).
  • Avoid names that could be of use to a wider university audience or university-wide communication, marketing or fundraising efforts. Generic or common terms are unlikely to be approved.
  • Names should be all lowercase, and multiple words should either be combined or separated by hyphens (ex: newsite.uc.edu or new-site.uc.edu)
    • If you are combining multiple words, be mindful of word combinations that may be confusing to users or inappropriate.
  • Names should be descriptive of their intended use.