Web Policy

All official Web pages must comply with this Web Policy and the UC Branding Standards. Official Web pages provide official information about the to the public, regardless of the server on which they are located. The dean, department or organization head is ultimately responsible for the content of his/her area’s official UC site.

All/any websites housed on UC Web servers must comply with all local, state and federal laws. Web pages that contain protected or sensitive data may be displayed only if the page is

  1. secured by industry-standard encryption/protection techniques, 
  2. behind password protection, and 
  3. the application architecture has been reviewed and approved by Information Security. For questions regarding information security, contact infosec@uc.edu (513-558-4732).

Failure to comply with this policy may result in enforcement.

Branding, Design and Content Standards.

  1. Design of websites must comply with UC’s  the UC Digital Brand Guide including, but not limited to the following:
    1. every page of the site must contain the UC logo in a prominent location at the top of the page;
    2. the UC logo must contain appropriate safe space;
    3. the UC logo must be a link to UC’s home page (www.uc.edu);
    4. the primary colors of the site must be red (#E00122), black (#000000) and white (#ffffff);
    5. the pages must contain branding “architecture” in addition to the UC logo. Consult the UC Digital Brand Guide for additional details.
  2. All sites within a major unit’s (e.g. a college) website must maintain a consistent look as directed by the dean, vice president or director/manager of the unit.
  3. Sites should be designed with a width of 960 pixels to provide consistency across UC sites.
  4. Sites should be designed to enable content to adjust to varied output devices (e.g., mobile devices) and print-ready formats.
  5. Any UC website designed by any person or vendor other than the university’s Governmental Relations & University Communications division, must be submitted to the Brand Review Committee (c/o: Angela Klocke) for adherence to the documented brand standards.


  1. All web content should follow the general POUR principle where content is Perceivable Operable Understandable Robust. 
  2. Several resources are available on the Accessibility Network website regarding web accessibility best practices. 

Links and Campus-Wide Information

  1. The unit name within the top graphic banner must link to your home page.
  2. All sites within the AEM Web content management system will include the “UC Emergency” component, which will display emergency notifications when deemed appropriate by the UC Public Safety director. 
    1. The information will display above the content and top banner of the website. 
    2. Other major university sites (e.g. college sites) not in AEM should incorporate a similar solution.

Contact Information

  1. Identify the unit and department in the unit heading area of every page.
  2. All pages of the website must provide building location, mailing address, zip code, phone number, e-mail address/link and, optionally, office hours in the footer. Format should follow as shown:
    1. Name of Department or Division
      University of Cincinnati
      Name of Physical Location/Building
      PO Box 21XXX
      Cincinnati, Ohio 45221