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UC’s new Intranet will become an important tool in how we collaborate, find, and store internal information here at the university, as well as streamline operational business processes.

Kristi Nelson, Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost

Project Description

UC’s Intranet will enable communication, empower collaboration, and unify our digital workspace. The creation of an internal communications hub will help increase transparency, support strategic objectives, facilitate common business practices, and provide a platform for university-wide internal communication. In addition, this online gateway will provide UC faculty and staff with the role-based tools and resources they need to increase productivity and engagement.

OneDrive vs. Teams vs. the Intranet

When thinking of the Office 365 file storage & collaboration tools, use OneDrive to store and edit individual documents, use Teams to collaborate with a group, and use the Intranet to communicate with the university as a whole. The UC Staff Success Center currently offers Office 365 training to UC faculty, staff, and student employees through Success Factors for OneDrive and Teams; links listed at the end of the webpage.

Objectives of the UC Intranet

  • The Intranet is about impact by positively transforming university internal communications into an online hub of information.
  • Supporting an inclusive culture, the Intranet will engage cross-functional university personnel within a unified digital workspace.
  • The Intranet will assist with innovation through a shared online gateway for faculty and staff to collaborate and streamline work processes.

Benefits of an Intranet

  • Provides a common online gateway to facilitate business practices.
  • Increases productivity by serving as a centralized resource for enterprise software and tools, simplifying where employees find information relating to their role, complete a task, or connect with individuals who can assist.
  • Provides a one-stop internal communication tool for university employees, improving internal communication and employee engagement.
  • Unifies employee culture by providing transparency, opportunities for leadership communication, information sharing outlets, as well as resources on company mission, vision, and strategy.
  • Will help to shift siloed university communications towards a connected collaboration of information sharing and common goals.

Project Timeline


  • Information gathering
  • Architecture build
  • Basic framework of sites
  • Awareness, adoption and marketing      


  • Add early adopter sites
  • Additional colleges/units
  • Awareness, adoption and marketing


  • Additional colleges/units
  • Migrate existing Sharepoint 2013 Intranet sites
  • Awareness, adoption and marketing

Training offered by the Staff Success Center

The Staff Success Center is offering Microsoft Office 365 trainings to UC faculty, staff, and student employees. NOTE: User training and content creator training for the Intranet is currently in development.

To view and sign-up for face-to-face Microsoft Office 365 trainings offered by the Staff Success Center, select one of the following links and sign-in to SuccessFactors Learning. (NOTE: The recommended browser for SuccessFactors is Mozilla Firefox.)

Online training for OneDrive and Teams is also available through

For questions about Microsoft Office 365 training, email the Staff Success Center.