Public Safety

March 7, 2019

Safety & Reform Community Compliance Council


Welcome and Administrative Matters

Judge John West; Chief Maris Herold

1. Introduction of New Officers

Role of the Community Compliance Council

Judge John West; Director James Whalen

Exiger Final Report

Roberto Villaseñor, Monitor

Review of UCPD Use of Force and Complaints

Chief Maris Herold

Future Meeting Schedule

Judge John West



CCC Members

  • Judge John West, Chair
  • Eric Abercrumbie
  • Bishop Bobbie Hilton
  • Kennerly Newlin
  • Jack Martin
  • Gregory Baker
  • Charlene Ventura
  • Robin Engel

UC Administration

  • Dudley Smith
  • Maris Herold
  • James Whalen
This table lists topics discussed at the meeting that need further action taken, the name of the person responsible for completing the action and the date that the action needs to be completed.
Action Items Responsible Person(s) Due Date
Email Exiger final report link to CCC members Kimberly Willis  
Post minutes of 3/7/2019 to website Kelly Cantwell  
Next meeting: June 5, 2019    

Welcome and Administrative Matters

Judge John West

  • Judge West began the CCC meeting by calling the room to order.
  • Introduction of members and additional participants
  • Introduction of New UCPD Officers – Assistant Chief Dudley Smith
    • UCPD 2018 Recruitment and Hiring power point presentation – Assistant Chief Dudley Smith

Role of University of Cincinnati Police Division/Community Compliance Council 3/2019

  1. Review summary information on use of force incidents and investigations to determine compliance with UCPD policies and review the work of the UCPD Use of Force Review Board when convened.
  2. Review summary information of the internal investigations and complaint review process to determine compliance with UCPD policies.
  3. Monitor notable UCPD activities to ensure continued compliance with the policies and procedures set forth as part of the larger reform work of the UCPD.
  4. Provide community perspectives and insight to the UCPD Chief of Police on matters related to enforcement patterns, community engagement, recruitment, hiring, promotion, training, etc.
  • Dr. Robin Engel and Mr. Greg Baker will remain as members of CCC
  • Bishop Bobbie Hilton expressed his gratitude and appreciation for the UC Administration of CCC for keeping their promise regarding implementing Exiger’s recommendations
    • Director Whalen is working with UC PIO on a release of final report

Exiger Final Report Presentation on UCPD Compliance

Roberto Villaseñor (see attachment)

  • Overall Assessment Status
    • Substantial Compliance:  274 of 276 (99%) Exiger Recommendations (ERs)
    • Partial Compliance:  2 ERs (less than 1%)
    • Non-Compliant:  0
    • ERs requiring no further evaluation:  175 of 276 (63%) ERs
    • Total Assessments:  437 Some ERs were assessed more than once
  • Compliance & Assessment Status:  Overall and by substantive area – 99% overall compliance
  • Noteworthy Topics in report:
    • Investigations
      • Internal Investigations – all investigations were considered complete, thorough and were completed on time per UCPD policy
      • Uses of Force and Administrative  Reviews – Total of 4 UOF 1/12017 through 12/31/2018; Total of 17 ARs 1/1/2017 through 12/31/2018
    • Collaborative Policy Revisions and/or Development
    • Training Conducted
    • Hiring Achievements
  • No Exiger recommendations remain that have not yet been assessed; as of December 31, 2018:  99% compliant
  • Two ERs remain partially compliant
    • IACLEA accreditation process (should be completed by Fall 2019)
    • Inspections conducted regularly (as scheduled Annual Inspection Plan)

Review of UCPD Use of Force and Complaints

Chief Maris Herold

  • Chief Herold will go through the narrative to let the members know what happened with the case
  • Complaints:  (See attachments)
    • 19-01-IA
    • 19-02-AR
    • 19-03-AR
  • Narrative template acceptable to the council and agreed upon to use moving forward

Other Business

  • Dr. Engel asked if any members would be available the week of 3/11 to speak on camera regarding the final report
    • Charlene Ventura – yes
    • Judge West – yes
    • Bishop Bobbie Hilton – yes

Closing Remarks

Future CCC meeting dates return to Tuesday schedule; date to be chosen (3 mos.) and sent out